Sunday, December 5, 2010

The computer is fixed!!!

Thanks to my friend Lisa, our computer is now fixed! It's all because of her and her husband too. It wasn't even on our radar but she thought it was very important that we have a computer and took it upon herself to see that it was fixed. THANK YOU LISA!! I can honestly say that I'm scared to do ANYTHING with it. I'm afraid I'll break it again. But Heath is trusting me with it anyway so I'm using this time to write a blog.

Christmas is in full swing here at the Newcomb house. We went to the Christmas parade last night. We have the tree up, carols playing, cookies baking most nights, Christmas books being read, we've been watching Christmas movies and we basically have Christmas cheer coming out our ears. It's so fun. I love Christmas time! It's the most wonderful time of the year! (Well, Christmas, and Easter, and my birthday, and Valentines Day, and Thanksgiving and the swimming days in summer and....) Anyway that's what we are up to now. I'll write something soon. Not having access to a computer was aparantly just the inspiration I needed to think of a bunch of fabulous blog posts. :)