Monday, November 22, 2010

The computer is BROKEN

Our computer is broken. It has some nasty virus. That's why I haven't been on here lately. I'll be back when we get it fixed. On the plus side I've figured out I spent WAY too much time on the computer! Maybe when I get it back I can stay off it! I probably wont though. lol The pregnancy is going great and we are just doing our thing. If you think of us please pray that God will give us direction!!! Thanks, Happy Thanksgiving and hopefully I will be back on here before toooo long!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I really try not to be judgemental. But I fail. A lot. I'm rarely judgemental on the outside. I think it's a gift of mine. It's like the positive side of being self-centered (which I struggle with). If you are self absorbed you don't really care what other people are doing and that naturally makes you LESS judgemental. But I'm judgemental a lot on the inside. I always try to work on it. The Bible says for me to work out my own salvation with fear and trembling...not everyone else's. It also informs me that it's not my place to judge another man's servant. So that's what I'm trying to do. It's hard, but I think (with God's help) I'm getting better. :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

20 week update

I just realized that today I am 20 weeks along in this pregnancy!! WOW!!! Time is flying!! I can't believe I am halfway to there! This pregnancy has been an easy one and I'm thankful for that. I love feeling the little movements and stirrings inside me and they happen a lot now. I'm eating way to much and getting bigger than I should but I haven't gotten in trouble (YET) by my, so I guess I will keep eating ridiculously and gaining insane amounts of weight. The kids are all very excited about meeting her and they talk about her all the time. They haven't felt her move yet because they aren't patient enough to just stand there with their hands on my stomach! One day she will be active enough that they can though so I assure them that the day will come when they can feel her. We haven't got a name picked out and I don't think we will anytime soon. I'm usually a really late name giver and I'm not feeling pressed to start choosing one today.

gone again, gone again

Heath left to go to MO again today. We REALLY miss him. He adds so much to our lives! And now it's cold, and I wish I had someone to snuggle with. But I am trying to remember how much I have to be thankful for. Like how my husband is leaving to go work and sending all of his money back to us because he loves us. Some husbands just walk out on their families for fun. And how I have this very warm and comfortable house to stay in, and these awesome kids to keep me company and the list goes on. But I was still grumpy to Heath when he called me tonight. (sorry sweetie) I can't wait for him to come home. And it's nice because this time I know he will be back in time for Thanksgiving(another thing to be thankful for) and that is only 2 and a half weeks away! So the kiddos and I will be keeping ourselves busy and thinking of him every minute of every day!

Monday, November 1, 2010

November Thankfulness

Well, it's here! November is here! I have been wondering how to best celebrate Thanksgiving for a few days now. I know it's about pilgrams and indians and God helping them to survive that first year and history. But it's also about THANSGIVNG! What an awesome thing. Being thankful for what you have. It's so powerful. Just this morning as I posted a thankful thing on facebook it got me thinking about how I want to focus...I mean REALLY FOCUS...on thanksgiving all month. I'm still trying to decide how, but my mind is whirring with ideas. Maybe the kids and I will post thanskgiving verses around our house and learn them this month? Maybe we can have a movie night and watch Maddeme Blueberry? Maybe we will try to incorporate a lot more Thanksgiving in our prayers? I'm sure I will turn to google for more creatiive ideas. I'm still not sure how, but I've decided that I really want us to practice being more thankful this month. What better time? And I don't know of anything that can lift your spirits quite like counting your blessings. With Heath leaving for MO again in just 4 days it will be a challenge and just what we need! I'm really excited. :)