Saturday, June 30, 2012

I sent my children to the chicken sale and they came home with five rabbits.

Today Londyn and Levi went with my Daddy to the chicken sale.  A friend of my Dad's had given him a rabbit cage and Daddy had asked if the children could have a rabbit.  I said yes, because, really, who can say no to a free rabbit and a free cage, right?  Turns out Heath could have.  And my blog post would have ended there.  But I said yes, and here we are. 

Yes, here we are with FIVE rabbits. 

Daddy claimed that you had to buy all five to get one.  It WAS at an auction so I suppose maybe they auctioned them off as a group.  BUT...I also know my Daddy.  And he probably didn't try very hard at all to get a single bunny.

So I get the phone call that they are on their way home with six bunnies.  Apparantly my Daddy can't escape with a single bunny or count, because there were only five. 

The children think it's awesome.  Because it is.  I think they are cute but of course will be a mess and I'm assuming that the five bunny thing is quickly going to turn into a one bunny thing.  Heath hasn't said a whole lot so I don't know what he thinks.  It doesn't mean he doesn't like the rabbits.  It just means he has been working a WHOLE LOT lately and we got a new cell phone and he has people to text. 

Okay okay, I'll stop my yammering and post a pic.  Sorry I couldn't figure out how to turn the pic.  I had to use our old camera and our new camera turns them automatially when it uploads them.  This one does not but I'm pretty sure you can still get the general idea.  If's 5 rabbits in a cage.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Camping trip

Heath took the children camping at Bear Lake last weekend. They had never been camping before except in our backyard. They loved it. It's Tuesday and they are still talking about it nonstop.

LillyAnne and I went with them for a little while Saturday afternoon. We just just stayed for the swimming and the setting up of camp. She wore herself out in a hurry though and was asleep by the time I got home. 

The rest of my crew cooked out over the fire and made smores and told stories and did all the typical camping stuff.  They were getting the pokers that you hold the hotdogs and marshmellows red hot and then Luke decided he didn't want anyone to hurt themselves on it so he threw it behind the tent.  Heath walked back there and stepped on them and has two long blisters on the bottoms of his feet. 

The next morning they woke up with the sun and got right to fishing. My children love to fish, but it's definitely not my thing. They fished all morning and didn't catch anything because apparantly the fish were bigger than the lines could hold. They just kept breaking the lines. :( They were fishing with chicken livers (gag) so I'm assuming they were getting catfish.

Afterward they went hiking. Two deer jumped across the trail so that was pretty exciting for them. Then they came back and packed up and LillyAnne and I picked them up about noon. We headed straight to a cook out at some friends house where they swam for THREE AND A HALF HOURS!!! They were sooooooo tired. Can I just tell you that they were alseep EARLY Sunday night? It was a fabulous weekend.  I think camping will definitely become a Newcomb family tradition.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Today Heath took me on a date to La Hacienda between his two jobs.  LillyAnne tagged along.  It was delicious of course.

Ever since I started pressure washing I sneeze all day long.  I guess the pressure washing has aggravated my allergies.  Even when I'm not sneezing I'm feeling the urge to sneeze and my eyes are watering.  Well, the whole time I was at La Ha I didn't even THINK about sneezing. 

I think La Ha may very well be magical.  Not that I didn't already know that, I'm just offering further proof.  So....there ya go.

The waiter saw me taking pictures so he offered to bring out the birthday sombrero even though it wasn't her birthday.  I guess he understood that any picture of her is adorable, but her wearing a sombrero...well, that's just taking it to a whole other level.  So we did.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I said, "Londyn, say cheese!"  She said, "I'll say Fairy Godmuver!"  So that's what she's saying in these pics.  :) 

Monday, June 18, 2012

This is your brain on pressure washing fumes...

The other day we had a friend who loaned us a pressure washer.  I had no idea how much I would love pressure washing. 
It's WAY fun. 
I also had no idea how nasty my house was. 
It's WAY nasty.
Not for long though.  ;)

I was putting some house soap in the pressure washer and Luke asked me what it was.  I told him soap.  He said, "Why are you using soap?"  I said, "Ava's Grandma said she uses soap on her house."  Luke said, "THEN DON'T USE SOAP!!!" 

He said that because Ava's Grandma is crazy.  Really crazy.  Like, my children aren't allowed to walk by her house kind of crazy.  She's constantly screaming her head off and cursing and telling Ava she hopes a car hits her when Ava is in the street and won't come in when she tells her too.  Crazy. 

Luke didn't want to do ANYTHING like Ava's grandma.  Who wants to be like the crazy lady?

I said, "Luke, I won't listen to Ava's grandma about a lot of things, like how to raise children or how to dress." (She is frequently seen scrubbing her fence in her sports bra and spandex shorts.)  "But when it comes to keeping a clean house, I will listen to her.  Look over there." (Even her garage is completely spotless and in order.)  She knows about keeping her house clean.

Then it occurred to me that probably EVERYONE has something they could teach me. 
Will I listen or watch them and learn?  Or will my pride keep me from learning what they have to teach?  Will I be so arrogant as to assume that they have nothing to offer?  If you had asked me before I would have said that sure, I can learn from anyone.  But I had never REALLY thought about it.  While I was pressure washing my house (with soap)  I had time to really think about it.  And I decided that I will try.  Not only does it benefit me because I get to learn and grow, but it's also good because it encourages me to esteem others more.  It's more difficult to have an arrogant attitude if I'm considering what they have to offer. 

Anyway, those are my random pressure washing thoughts.  If it all sounds ridiculous then it's probably just because the really loud pressure washer was jarring my brain and the soap was frying my eyes.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sorry I haven't been updating as often as I should...or as I would like. But we've been busy! Want to see some pics? I thought so. Here they are!

See...I told you we have been busy.   WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY too busy for me to sit down and type something worth reading. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My get up and go has gotten up and went

It's a rainy day.  My house is dark even though it's day time.  I have candles burning.  I just got out of the shower and I feel all cozy.  I should really be doing SOMETHING, homeschooling, sewing up some ripped toys that the children have been begging me to do forever.  But I'm sitting in my recliner watching it rain.  Maybe I will sew up those toys.  I feel all productive and domestic when I'm doing it, the children will be happy and I won't have to leave my recliner, well, only to go get my sewing box. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer Days

Today we celebrated the first day of summer, because by my own personal calendar June 1st is the first day of summer.  The way I see it June, July and August are summer.  September, October and November are fall.  December, January and February are winter.  In my world it's just that simple.

 I LOVE summer.