Sunday, June 27, 2010

Londyn came out of her room holding her red ear and wailed, "I hit my ear on the doorknob!!! It was my special one!!!!" I said, "Your special ear?" She said, "Yes."

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Nature Walk

I took the kids on a nature walk today. It's been SOOOOOOOO hot lately. I thought it would be nice since it was 6:30pm, so we put the dog on the leash and headed out. Well, we nearly died of a heat stroke! It was fun though. We found some blackberries and ate our fill. We also got to see some tadpoles, a beaver hut and a bunny! The bunny let us get so close I couldn't believe it. Like 3 feet away. Well, not me. I stayed back since I had the dog. But the kids told me all about it. We finally stumbled back into the house. The kids went straight to my room and took my fan to the kitchen where they turned it on and laid on the floor in front of it on the cool tile floor! Ha ha! I guess the nature walks need to be about 7:30?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Home is Where the Heart Is

This is my second valuable lesson. It's day 14 since Heath has been gone and I think I've learned 2 valuable lessons. These lessons are great and wonderful but I'm totally fine with no more lessons and my husband just coming home! =)

Lesson #2: No matter where we live it will be wonderful as long as we're together. Of course you could have asked me that a year ago and I would have said the same thing. Everyone knows that right? But it has changed. I mean it more....a LOT more. When Heath left for this MO trip I was more of a big baby. I mean really the whole trip is so he can go find out what he thinks is best for our whole family, not because he just has a whim to move us all to MO. But I just kept thinking things like, "I like FL better than MO....I don't WANT to move to MO....wah wah wah wah wah..." But then I discovered that FL just stinks without Heath in it. I would gladly move to Alaska so we could all be together! Heath is making a very sacrificial trip so that he can make a wise and informed decision as to where our family needs to be. He will take all the facts into his decision making and I will trust his judgement and not be whiny...because wherever we make our home, it REALLY AND TRULY will be wonderful as long as we are healthy and together....and as long as we have the proper outlook and grateful hearts. :)

Joyfully at Home

Well, my new adventure hasn't been all bad. I miss my husband a ridiculous amount yes, but I have also learned some valuable lessons.

Lesson #1: Be content at home. Anyone who knows me knows that I like to be on the go. I like to go SOMEWHERE every day whether is is out to eat, or to the library, or to the park, to the beach, to see the horses or just whatever. Well, the first few days Heath was gone it was STORMING, for days and days and days. Relentless rain. I thought I would lose my mind the first two days. But by day three I had changed. (although the rain didn't stop until about day 5) I didn't feel the need to leave and I began to conciously focus on the joy of staying at home. We would light candles and do puzzles or read books. We would hop in the pool when there was a break in the clouds. (which would last about 20 minutes) I would reorganize a pantry, or closet or scrub some baseboards. And I learned to really like it! Now I'm not saying that I don't still love doing all the aforementioned things. I do. I just have also learned to REALLY LOVE being at home. I'm content. I'm happy. And that is a very valuable lesson.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things

Here is a list of some of my favorite things in no particular order....well, the first on IS my favorite. :)

1. My husband
2. Hugs from my husband
3. When my kids say and do sweet things
4. My horses (riding them or just brushing and feeding)
5. scented candles
6. pretty dishes
7. cupcakes
8. air conditioning
9. swimming
10. pretty dresses
11. my house clean
12. rocking chairs
13. Christmas music
14. warm chocolate chip cookies
15. La Hacienda (the restaurant)
16. My birthday
17. Dolphins
18. Birds in my yard
19. Flowers in my yard
20. blankets and quilts
21. surprises from my husband
22. clean sheets
23. date night
24. Disney World
25. Vacations
26. painted toenails
27. Having my hair done
28. When my husband praises me
29. Baby goats
30. the beach
31. the smell of fresh hay
32. home grown tomatoes
33. Thanksgiving Dinner
34. reading blogs
35. Blueberry Pie

Saturday, June 5, 2010

My house has been so spotless since Heath left. I pass all this extra time by cleaning and being productive! So that's good. I even do some kind of deep cleaning stuff EVERY DAY. Like cleaning my refrigerator, organizing my pantry, scrubbing windows, organizing my kitchen cabinets...that kind of thing. Actually this is day 9 and I'm running out of projects. (OK...since typing that sentence I have just thought of 4 more projects so I guess I'm not!) Well, last night the boys were playing war, because I suppose that's the kind of games little boys enjoy. And they made a HUGE mess...all over the house!!!!

I was irritated.

But I didn't show it. I just smiled and said, "You know you boys have to clean up all this mess." They said, "Okay, but can we finish playing first?" I said, "Sure, but you are going pick up every single thing you took out." Well, they kept playing and the mess kept growing. And then I finally said, "Okay, time to clean up." And to my amazement they cleaned up EVERY SINGLE THING. The house looked just like it did before they wrecked it. It was just like the Cat in the Hat except there was no cat and no amazing cleaning machine. I was so proud of them.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Ok, I HATE my new adventure. It stinks. I miss my husband! I didn't know how much my life revolved around Heath until he's gone!!! UGH!!!! I have a new compassion for all my military friends. It has been 7 days since he's been gone and I'm just now figuring out how to do this. I do MUCH better when I stay busy. It is VERY easy to keep the house clean. We are going to the library a lot, going to the park a lot, we were going to the beach a lot...until the oil got here. We have yet to go ride the horses because it has been raining soooooooo much! It will be very wet at Daddy's house. I'm so glad we have the pool. The kids always have something to do. On the bright side I can say that I now believe that absense really does make the heart grow fonder, and I didn't even know my heart could grow more fond! I talk to him on the phone several times a day and those times are wonderful. I CAN'T WAIT until he gets home!!