Sunday, December 5, 2010

The computer is fixed!!!

Thanks to my friend Lisa, our computer is now fixed! It's all because of her and her husband too. It wasn't even on our radar but she thought it was very important that we have a computer and took it upon herself to see that it was fixed. THANK YOU LISA!! I can honestly say that I'm scared to do ANYTHING with it. I'm afraid I'll break it again. But Heath is trusting me with it anyway so I'm using this time to write a blog.

Christmas is in full swing here at the Newcomb house. We went to the Christmas parade last night. We have the tree up, carols playing, cookies baking most nights, Christmas books being read, we've been watching Christmas movies and we basically have Christmas cheer coming out our ears. It's so fun. I love Christmas time! It's the most wonderful time of the year! (Well, Christmas, and Easter, and my birthday, and Valentines Day, and Thanksgiving and the swimming days in summer and....) Anyway that's what we are up to now. I'll write something soon. Not having access to a computer was aparantly just the inspiration I needed to think of a bunch of fabulous blog posts. :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

The computer is BROKEN

Our computer is broken. It has some nasty virus. That's why I haven't been on here lately. I'll be back when we get it fixed. On the plus side I've figured out I spent WAY too much time on the computer! Maybe when I get it back I can stay off it! I probably wont though. lol The pregnancy is going great and we are just doing our thing. If you think of us please pray that God will give us direction!!! Thanks, Happy Thanksgiving and hopefully I will be back on here before toooo long!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I really try not to be judgemental. But I fail. A lot. I'm rarely judgemental on the outside. I think it's a gift of mine. It's like the positive side of being self-centered (which I struggle with). If you are self absorbed you don't really care what other people are doing and that naturally makes you LESS judgemental. But I'm judgemental a lot on the inside. I always try to work on it. The Bible says for me to work out my own salvation with fear and trembling...not everyone else's. It also informs me that it's not my place to judge another man's servant. So that's what I'm trying to do. It's hard, but I think (with God's help) I'm getting better. :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

20 week update

I just realized that today I am 20 weeks along in this pregnancy!! WOW!!! Time is flying!! I can't believe I am halfway to there! This pregnancy has been an easy one and I'm thankful for that. I love feeling the little movements and stirrings inside me and they happen a lot now. I'm eating way to much and getting bigger than I should but I haven't gotten in trouble (YET) by my, so I guess I will keep eating ridiculously and gaining insane amounts of weight. The kids are all very excited about meeting her and they talk about her all the time. They haven't felt her move yet because they aren't patient enough to just stand there with their hands on my stomach! One day she will be active enough that they can though so I assure them that the day will come when they can feel her. We haven't got a name picked out and I don't think we will anytime soon. I'm usually a really late name giver and I'm not feeling pressed to start choosing one today.

gone again, gone again

Heath left to go to MO again today. We REALLY miss him. He adds so much to our lives! And now it's cold, and I wish I had someone to snuggle with. But I am trying to remember how much I have to be thankful for. Like how my husband is leaving to go work and sending all of his money back to us because he loves us. Some husbands just walk out on their families for fun. And how I have this very warm and comfortable house to stay in, and these awesome kids to keep me company and the list goes on. But I was still grumpy to Heath when he called me tonight. (sorry sweetie) I can't wait for him to come home. And it's nice because this time I know he will be back in time for Thanksgiving(another thing to be thankful for) and that is only 2 and a half weeks away! So the kiddos and I will be keeping ourselves busy and thinking of him every minute of every day!

Monday, November 1, 2010

November Thankfulness

Well, it's here! November is here! I have been wondering how to best celebrate Thanksgiving for a few days now. I know it's about pilgrams and indians and God helping them to survive that first year and history. But it's also about THANSGIVNG! What an awesome thing. Being thankful for what you have. It's so powerful. Just this morning as I posted a thankful thing on facebook it got me thinking about how I want to focus...I mean REALLY FOCUS...on thanksgiving all month. I'm still trying to decide how, but my mind is whirring with ideas. Maybe the kids and I will post thanskgiving verses around our house and learn them this month? Maybe we can have a movie night and watch Maddeme Blueberry? Maybe we will try to incorporate a lot more Thanksgiving in our prayers? I'm sure I will turn to google for more creatiive ideas. I'm still not sure how, but I've decided that I really want us to practice being more thankful this month. What better time? And I don't know of anything that can lift your spirits quite like counting your blessings. With Heath leaving for MO again in just 4 days it will be a challenge and just what we need! I'm really excited. :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

She's a girl!!!! We are SOOOOOO excited. She was moving all over the place during the ultrasound and we even got to see her mouth sucking! It was so cute!!! I'm so thankful!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm going to get an ultrasound tomorrow. Heath is home for a week and a half (Praise God) and I am so happy I can barely contain it!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Midwife Visit

Today I went to the midwife and had an ultrasound. The verdict is........they THINK it's a girl! She said it is still to early to be certain but she thought (and I thought too) that it looked like a girl! She made me an appointment to come back in two weeks for another ultrasound. Then she said she would feel more comfortable telling me what it is for sure. (okay! I realize you can never be sure but whatever!) So I'm super excited about that. The children loved seeing the baby. We could see everything! We could see the mouth opening and closing and the fingers and toes, the nose...even the lens of the eye! It was very cool.

After the appointment the children and I went to Olive Garden and Books-a-Million to celebrate. It was a fabulous day. The only thing that could have made it better was if Heath could have been there. I'm hoping he will be for my next ultrasound in two weeks.

Monday, October 11, 2010

This one's for you Melynda....

Okay, so it's been a LONG time.

I click on new post frequently and decide I have nothing to say that anyone would care to read!

Heath is gone to MO again (Yuck) and I have been feeling REALLY sorry for myself. Pining and whining way too much. But as little as I write on my blog I LOVE to read other blogs. Well, I was reading one called Generation Cedar and she was requesting prayer for a fellow blogger. This fellow blogger's husband and oldest child were killed in a care accident just this August. She looked about my age and had 4 children. She and her husband had just decided to have more children. stupid did I feel.

Taking my blessings for granted. Nice Heather, real nice. Way to go.

I cried for her (then again I seem to be crying about everything these days...I swear...this pregnancy is odd like that) and I prayed for her. And she is on my mind a lot.

So everyday I'm working on thankfulness. I have so much. And so often I'm grumpy. Just like the Isrealites in the wilderness who had all their needs supplied and always grumbled. I alwasys think I would NEVER be like that. But then I am.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I'm still here.

Proverbs 16:9
A man’s heart plans his way,
But the LORD directs his steps.

Boy ain't it the truth!

Philippians 4:6-7
Be anxious for nothing,
but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving,
let your requests be made known to God;
and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding,
will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

And this is what I'm trying to do. We have been through a whirlwind of change over the last few months. Heath resigned from Christian Life and started a home church. It didn't work out. A church in AL contacted him wanting him to be an associate pastor. It looked promising....and then it didn't. So he went to work for BP cleaning up the oil on the beach. That paid really well, while it lasted. Now my husband is a car salesman. Yes, I'm serious. He has only been doing it for about 3 days. Hopefully this will be short term.


I have no idea where we are going to end up. And I'm not really the kind of person who likes the adventure of the trip. But I'm counting my blessings everyday and clinging to knowledge that God does know where we will end up and He is ordering our steps.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Big Announcement

Well, I'm sharing the big news. I'm pregnant! I'm about 8 weeks now. We are all very excited and anxiously awaiting the new arrival. My due date is March 26th. It seems like the wait is FAR too long. It has been such a long time since we have had a new little one and I am just beyond myself with excitement. :)

I went to my midwife on Monday and she had my lab results. My progesterone levels were borderline. She said normally she wouldn't be concerned but since I lost the last one so late she wanted me to take some. She said it would make me feel awful. I have a friend who was on it with one of her pregnancies and she said it wasn't bad. Well, I have been on it for about 3 days now and I have noticed that I am a little bit more exhausted. That's quite a statement because I was already VERY tired! But the major difference I have noticed is that I cry...A LOT. About everything. It's absurd. I have never been an emotional pregnant woman....until now. Honestly it's kind of fun. I will be sobbing and shaking my head in bewilderment wondering why on Earth I can't control myself. But whatever. If it will possibly help my baby then let's open the flood gates!

I also am having issues with just doing what I need to do, like cleaning. I don't want to, so I don't. I feel completely unable to pry myself off the couch. It's insane. That part is NOT fun. I miss my clean house. I miss doing fun stuff with my children. But it's only for one more month, and the payoff will be totally worth it. :)

Of course Heath is being incredible through all of this. I really can't believe it. Sometimes I think he is too good to be true. When I cry he makes it better. When I don't clean, he is understanding. When I want a nap he lets me take one. I really love him. I couldn't ask for a better husband.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Thunder Hoof

We got a new pony!! We have been looking for one for months now. We finally found him. He is a cute little thing. My children LOVE him. The children named him Thunder Hoof. We are spending a lot of time these days riding him,brushing him, feeding him, petting him and picking out his itty bitty hooves. It's great fun. I'm praying that he will be a blessing to our family for many years to come. If I had a camera I would post a pic. One of these days (like the day that I quit using my money for ponies and start using it for a camera) I'll get a camera and post a pic. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Last night the dog started barking in the middle of the night and Londyn said, "Quincy is barking but there is no one here. I don't know what he's talking about."

Tonight she fell out of her chair while she was eating goldfish crackers and she said, "I'm okay." Quincy was watching her the whole time and she said, "I fink (think) Quincy thinks it was sad. He looks BERRY sad. He looks too much sad."

I love the precious things my children say. They are such a blessing to me.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tonight I wanted to go for a walk. I figured that at 10:30 it might be endurable. It wasn't. It was HOT. H-O-T. At 10:55 I came back into the house dripping with sweat. Lovely. I only made it 25 minutes. Maybe I'm just a sissy. Maybe I'm getting old. My birthday is in just 4 days. Maybe 31 year old people just can't take the heat. Geez. I'm going to try again tomorrow night. Maybe I will be able to go 30 minutes! LOL I think I need a treadmill for my birthday.... :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

As good as Disney

Tonight we had a wonderful night. We went to Wal-Mart where I bought a new book for myself and Heath bought himself his first ever pair of steel toed work boots. Then we headed over to Target to let the kids each pick out a toy. We don't do this often so it's a big deal. Luke got a new Magic Treehouse book, Levi got a hippo Webkinz, and Londyn got a doll stroller. Then, to really top off the night, we all went and had supper at What-a-Burger. We have never eaten there. Seriously.

I sent Levi to go get napkins. I told him to get about 10. When he came back he said, "I accidently got one more than 10."

Also I saw Londyn wisper something in Heath's ear. Then she crawled under the table. Then I saw her little hand put her chocolate chip cookie on the seat of the booth beside me. She knows how I feel about chocolate chip cookies. Especially ones that have been laid on public booths. ;) And this was her very sweet gift to me.

I told the children to make sure that they were full because they weren't getting any snack tonight when they got home. (It was 10:30 when we got there.) Luke said, "How could we after this feast?!

I don't know why tonight felt perfect and special...but it did. And I'm not the only one who thought so. Levi said as we were leaving, "Tonight was as good as Disney." :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Londyn came out of her room holding her red ear and wailed, "I hit my ear on the doorknob!!! It was my special one!!!!" I said, "Your special ear?" She said, "Yes."

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Nature Walk

I took the kids on a nature walk today. It's been SOOOOOOOO hot lately. I thought it would be nice since it was 6:30pm, so we put the dog on the leash and headed out. Well, we nearly died of a heat stroke! It was fun though. We found some blackberries and ate our fill. We also got to see some tadpoles, a beaver hut and a bunny! The bunny let us get so close I couldn't believe it. Like 3 feet away. Well, not me. I stayed back since I had the dog. But the kids told me all about it. We finally stumbled back into the house. The kids went straight to my room and took my fan to the kitchen where they turned it on and laid on the floor in front of it on the cool tile floor! Ha ha! I guess the nature walks need to be about 7:30?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Home is Where the Heart Is

This is my second valuable lesson. It's day 14 since Heath has been gone and I think I've learned 2 valuable lessons. These lessons are great and wonderful but I'm totally fine with no more lessons and my husband just coming home! =)

Lesson #2: No matter where we live it will be wonderful as long as we're together. Of course you could have asked me that a year ago and I would have said the same thing. Everyone knows that right? But it has changed. I mean it more....a LOT more. When Heath left for this MO trip I was more of a big baby. I mean really the whole trip is so he can go find out what he thinks is best for our whole family, not because he just has a whim to move us all to MO. But I just kept thinking things like, "I like FL better than MO....I don't WANT to move to MO....wah wah wah wah wah..." But then I discovered that FL just stinks without Heath in it. I would gladly move to Alaska so we could all be together! Heath is making a very sacrificial trip so that he can make a wise and informed decision as to where our family needs to be. He will take all the facts into his decision making and I will trust his judgement and not be whiny...because wherever we make our home, it REALLY AND TRULY will be wonderful as long as we are healthy and together....and as long as we have the proper outlook and grateful hearts. :)

Joyfully at Home

Well, my new adventure hasn't been all bad. I miss my husband a ridiculous amount yes, but I have also learned some valuable lessons.

Lesson #1: Be content at home. Anyone who knows me knows that I like to be on the go. I like to go SOMEWHERE every day whether is is out to eat, or to the library, or to the park, to the beach, to see the horses or just whatever. Well, the first few days Heath was gone it was STORMING, for days and days and days. Relentless rain. I thought I would lose my mind the first two days. But by day three I had changed. (although the rain didn't stop until about day 5) I didn't feel the need to leave and I began to conciously focus on the joy of staying at home. We would light candles and do puzzles or read books. We would hop in the pool when there was a break in the clouds. (which would last about 20 minutes) I would reorganize a pantry, or closet or scrub some baseboards. And I learned to really like it! Now I'm not saying that I don't still love doing all the aforementioned things. I do. I just have also learned to REALLY LOVE being at home. I'm content. I'm happy. And that is a very valuable lesson.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things

Here is a list of some of my favorite things in no particular order....well, the first on IS my favorite. :)

1. My husband
2. Hugs from my husband
3. When my kids say and do sweet things
4. My horses (riding them or just brushing and feeding)
5. scented candles
6. pretty dishes
7. cupcakes
8. air conditioning
9. swimming
10. pretty dresses
11. my house clean
12. rocking chairs
13. Christmas music
14. warm chocolate chip cookies
15. La Hacienda (the restaurant)
16. My birthday
17. Dolphins
18. Birds in my yard
19. Flowers in my yard
20. blankets and quilts
21. surprises from my husband
22. clean sheets
23. date night
24. Disney World
25. Vacations
26. painted toenails
27. Having my hair done
28. When my husband praises me
29. Baby goats
30. the beach
31. the smell of fresh hay
32. home grown tomatoes
33. Thanksgiving Dinner
34. reading blogs
35. Blueberry Pie

Saturday, June 5, 2010

My house has been so spotless since Heath left. I pass all this extra time by cleaning and being productive! So that's good. I even do some kind of deep cleaning stuff EVERY DAY. Like cleaning my refrigerator, organizing my pantry, scrubbing windows, organizing my kitchen cabinets...that kind of thing. Actually this is day 9 and I'm running out of projects. (OK...since typing that sentence I have just thought of 4 more projects so I guess I'm not!) Well, last night the boys were playing war, because I suppose that's the kind of games little boys enjoy. And they made a HUGE mess...all over the house!!!!

I was irritated.

But I didn't show it. I just smiled and said, "You know you boys have to clean up all this mess." They said, "Okay, but can we finish playing first?" I said, "Sure, but you are going pick up every single thing you took out." Well, they kept playing and the mess kept growing. And then I finally said, "Okay, time to clean up." And to my amazement they cleaned up EVERY SINGLE THING. The house looked just like it did before they wrecked it. It was just like the Cat in the Hat except there was no cat and no amazing cleaning machine. I was so proud of them.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Ok, I HATE my new adventure. It stinks. I miss my husband! I didn't know how much my life revolved around Heath until he's gone!!! UGH!!!! I have a new compassion for all my military friends. It has been 7 days since he's been gone and I'm just now figuring out how to do this. I do MUCH better when I stay busy. It is VERY easy to keep the house clean. We are going to the library a lot, going to the park a lot, we were going to the beach a lot...until the oil got here. We have yet to go ride the horses because it has been raining soooooooo much! It will be very wet at Daddy's house. I'm so glad we have the pool. The kids always have something to do. On the bright side I can say that I now believe that absense really does make the heart grow fonder, and I didn't even know my heart could grow more fond! I talk to him on the phone several times a day and those times are wonderful. I CAN'T WAIT until he gets home!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


In just a few days (five to be exact) Heath is going to go to Missouri for several weeks. We don't know how many but we are guessing anywhere from 4-12 weeks. The kids and I will be staying here. Doesn't that sound like fun? Sigh. I'm incredibly attached to him and I know it is going to be a difficult time for me. He is going up there because it seems like there is a lot of job opportunities up there. But we could be wrong. So before we just pack up and move he is going ahead to check it out. And if he needs to, blaze the trail. So I really have no idea what is going on with our lives. We may stay here for years or possibly move to MO. Nema of course is adamant that our lives would be miserable in MO. She has already told me that we could never get a house as nice as this one, and we would be WAY too cold, we would miss the beach and we would have no friends. Thanks Nema. But I have made up my mind to be very positive about this. Of course it's not ideal, I like Heath and want to be around him! That's why I married him! But I'm strong and capable and women do this all the time. (I'm thinking about all my military friends.) And who knows, this may be just the path God has for us! Hopefully we will find out soon! Anyway I just wanted to let you know what was going on with us!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


If you look you can see the fish Levi has just thrown and the sea lion is about to catch!
Levi NEVER gets tired of petting the matter how long we do it.

Ocean Comotion is Londyn's favorite ride.

My crew with the beautiful dolphins!!!!!! I heart dolphins.

These birds were awesome. They just kept landing on us! One landed on Londyns' head!

My favorite part of vacation! We all love feeding the dolphins!

We are now on day 10 of a 2 week vacation. It's wonderful of course. We have been spending our time at Sea World, Aquatica, and Busch Gardens. Sea World has emerged as the leading favorite followed by Busch Gardens and Aquatica is coming in last. At Aquatica we have to be split up the whole time, someone riding rides with Luke and someone else staying with Levi and Londyn. And being the family fanatics that we are, we just like to stick together. I think it's funny because during this vacation I have been able to see just how much that has rubbed off on my children. The people at the rides will say, you can ride this but you all can't ride on the same row, and they will always opt to wait for the next ride so they can. I think this is very cool. I also CAN'T BELIEVE how much we are learning! I told Heath that Luke has had a years worth of science in the past week. These are very educational parks! (well, not Aquatica)

So our daily routine is this: We wake up and I cook breakfast here at the condo, then we go to a theme park for about 3-4 hours. We eat our big meal after we leave. The food at the parks is ridiculously expensive. Then we come back to the condo and swim for about 2 hours. Night time swimming is great because the pools are almost empty. After we swim we eat sandwiches and then the kids watch a movie and eat chocolate chip cookies and popcorn. We are loving movie nights because we just have our little 24 inch TV and so we think movies on this big flat screen are fun. So yes...we are having a blast. I'll post pics soon.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Personal Blog

Wow...I had this idea for my blog that I wanted to write about. It's was how I am REALLY ready to be pregnant again right away but Heath isn't and that is confusing for me. He is always the one who is ready for a baby and I'm always the hesitant one! What is this??? Another idea was how I'm disappointed when I get emails in the mail from What to Expect When You're Expecting and how I growl at them (out loud) EVERY DAY! (because I don't know how to stop the heinous things from coming to me) Emails like, You are 12 weeks pregnant today!!! Isn't life glorious???? Really? I need them to quit already. And other such blog ideas. Then I realized, my oh my how my blog has changed. Most of the blogs I read aren't so very personal. They're helpful. And when I decided to do this blog I intended for it to be like those! More....ummmmm....well, just not so personal. But I'm a VERY open person. And I like it. I don't mind baring my soul to the world, so I do. Maybe it's a good thing that I only have four followers! I had wanted this blog to have helpful tidbits about being a good wife and mother. (What, like I'm some kind of expert? lHa Ha!) I had wanted it to be kind of funny and entertaining. You know, what you would expect out of a good magazine article. But it's not. It's all about me and my family. My feelings and hopes and dreams and disappointments and day to day activities poured out on the world wide web. Geez. Not what I had planned.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


The other day we were talking about something and the word humdinger was used. Levi asked, "What's a humdinger?" I said, "You can use the word humdinger when something is really good or awesome." Levi said, "Mommy, you're a humdinger." :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

mommy moments

Today I had a really good mommy moment in the van. We got the kids Happy Meals. Our boys don't like french fries, I know, they are crazy right? So we get them apples....yummy. Anyway, Levi can't open his apples but Luke can. Normally I open all the apples and everything before I hand it to them but today I forgot. I heard Levi ask Luke, "Can you open my apples?" Luke said, "Sure." and he did it. It's not a big deal. It's normal. I expect nothing less. But for some reason today it just made me glad. I was happy that my children USUALLY want to help each other. I was happy that they are best friends. I felt so fortunate to have kind helpful children. I hope they continue grow in love and kindness toward one another. And it made me have a really good mommy moment....I love those. :)

She's still three!!!

Today has been a great day. We went to Disney on Ice for Londyns' birthday trip. It was fantastic of course, done with the typical Disney excellence. We all loved it. The kids have been "skating" around our tile all night. They say they are the Newcombs on Ice. It's too funny. And tonight Londyn and I made her birthday cake and some purple cupcakes. I can't believe she will be four tomorrow. She's so awesome and I love her so much. It has been a wonderful magical day and I'm so thankful for it. Happy Birthday Eve my little 3 year old!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I feel so alone...

We are getting ready to go on vacation for two weeks so Heath has to work. AND he has to sleep so he can go to work! I would much rather him take off work for an awesome two week vacation than for me being ridiculous about losing this baby. But that means that I am alone with this mess an awful lot. I cry alone, I cramp alone, I moan and groan and complain alone. It's not pretty. If Heath were there he would rub my aching back. He would hug me when I cry. He would tell me how brave I am and how pretty I am and how proud of me he was. And I would roll my eyes at him and secretly love to hear every word. But, because I love vacation more than all of that I do it alone. And I don't tell him a thing about how I'm feeling because he would stay up all night with me or some nonsense. It's 3:05 now and I can't sleep because of the cramping. Nice. He would be here with me even though he has to get up at 5:00. So I snuck out of bed. I don't like this but it is going to have it's sweet rewards. But for now it will just be me and God. So maybe I'm not as alone as I feel. But I still wish I had Heath.

utter nonsense

My Grandmother accused me of being suicidal tonight. Seriously. I was to dumbfounded to even respond at first. You see I think I'm handling this all very well. I think I'm as perky as can possibly be considering the circumstances. I'm still basically cheerful and happy most of the time, a little down and out at others but definitely not SUICIDAL!!! Her reasoning is this: I'm not choosing a D and C so I'm choosing death. Really Nema??? She gave me a speech about how I had three children I still have to fight for. Oh my word. I informed her that I was not the least bit suicidal. She told me that a lot of people die when they "go the natural way". I told her that was true. But all the people who didn't die going the natural way died going the non-natural way because EVERYONE DIES! She said I shouldn't just lay down and die. Apparently she thinks that what the Dr. says about a D and C having more risks than not having one is a huge lie made up just to kill women. I won't even go into her other advice. It's too graphic for my blog. The things I put up with from this lady!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

These are the times that try womens souls....

We went to the midwife yesterday for a routine check-up. And my baby didn't have a heartbeat. It was sad. Heath took it hard. He cried his eyes out at the Dr. office. I acted like a champ, smiling, asking relevant questions, suppressing all my emotions into a little smidgen. My smidgen exploded last night. I knew it would some time. We told the children yesterday when we came home from the Dr's office. We hadn't planned on telling them so soon, but they kept following us around wondering why we were acting so weird. Londyn is still too young to really care. But the boys aren't. They were sad and had plenty of questions. Like Why?
But they took it very well and I told them that we would have a baby when God wants us to. But today I am feeling much better. I know that God is in control and that He has a plan, that apparently included this. And I'm also comforted by my three healthy children. And I'm also hoping that there is some great thing that will come out of this.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Well, we just got back from a week in MO. It was the best trip we have ever taken up there. The kids were WONDERFUL in the car. No whining or complaining at all! (except by me) We had a blast. The kids loved seeing their cousins. We went to Incredible Pizza and we played Laser tag. WOW......I LOVE LASER TAG!!! We went to the zoo and a little boy beat up Levi. Poor Levi was just standing on a stand up see-saw and the little kid just walked up to him and hit him in the face twice and then in the stomach. By that time his mom was there and he started attacking her. I didn't see it because I was talking to Heath's mom. Heath saw the whole thing. He walked over and told the kid to quit and he did. The kid said, "I'm a spy." Heath was angry so he replied, "You're not a spy. You're a little jerk." The mom just explained to Heath that she couldn't control him. Hmmmm...... Levi was crying but Papa made it all better when he bought everyone snow cones. And we went to Cheddars (my all time favorite restaurant). We took a trip to Fantastic Caverns, a cave that you ride through. We went on a hike in the woods to the place where a spring comes out of the ground. It puts out 9,000 gallons of water per minute. Wow. Londyn fell in it. She didn't make a face or anything. She just got out of the icy cold water and said, "I think I need to pour the water out of my shoes. I got a little too close." She is such a water bug. Luke and I each got a tick. I felt mine before it bit me but Heath found Luke's and it was attached. YUCK!!!! BLECH!!!! EWWW!!!!! We went to a cookout on Easter with the family and had an Easter egg hunt for the whole afternoon. It was a FANTASTIC week!!! I'll post some pics soon! :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's been a long time...

Well, I haven't made any posts for a while. Not because there hasn't been anything to write about, but because I'm suffering from extreme exhaustion!!! This pregnancy has me soooo tired! Thankfully my husband is awesome and really going the extra mile and picking up my slack, and my kids are beyond understanding! I take naps EVERY DAY!!! If it weren't for Heath my house would surely only be suitable for swine habitation. Pure insanity. And then all of a sudden out of nowhere I get a burst of energy and feel great, so I go pull weeds for half and hour or do a load of laundry, or sweep my floors, or stand up....and I'm exhausted all over again! So needless to say blogging hasn't been at the top of my to do list. But life is going on wonderfully here. Spring is arriving a little more every day and that has me thrilled. We go out every day and look for signs of spring that weren't there yesterday! And our vacation is scheduled for just a little over 9 weeks away, so thoughts of vacation are beginning to consume me. There is sooo much to do with spring cleaning and vacation coming and the daily life of homeschooling and park trips and library trips and SO VERY LITTLE ENERGY! But I'm so excited and visions of babies swirl through my head and our family talks about "baby little" all throughout the day. And life is very good on the Newcomb home front....

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Every Day

Every day my children say and do cute, funny, wonderful things. It makes me sad to think that I am going to forget almost all of them. At least I can write some of them here! These have to be the best days of my life!!

In a conversation about thunder. Londyn: "I'm scared of the funder." Levi: "You don't need to be scared of the stunder. The stunder can't hurt you."

Londyn:"Daddy I have a joke." Heath:"What?" Londyn (giggling): "Coke makes you die."

"Daddy, you have webs in your nose."--Londyn

Londyns' version of Little Bunny Foo-Foo "Little Hoppy Hoppy in the forest, bopping on the head. Down came the Tooth Fairy and said, Poof you're a frog."

Friday, March 5, 2010

My Silly Girl

Londyn bumped her nose on the refrigerator and it hurt her. She was crying for a while so I held her. After she stopped crying I made her a sandwich. I told her to come and eat it. She said, "I'm hurt. I can't walk or run or crawl." She wanted me to come and carry her to the table. I told her if she wanted that sandwich she would come and eat it. She said, "I can't walk or run or crawl. I can only sliver like a snake." So she got down off the couch and slivered to the table because of her injured nose. I love being a Mother!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Well I haven't posted anything in quite a while. I've been too busy being excited about our fourth baby. That's right. We are having another one!!! We found out about a week ago. I took a pregnancy test and the line was so faint Heath didn't even believe it was positive. I knew it was though. And I kept telling him that the rule of pregnancy tests is that if any pink shows up at all, it means you have the pregnancy hormone in your urine. (lovely I know) The next morning when I took it again it was darker. Then Heath told me that he had believed me about the first one the whole time. Sure he did.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Wrinkle Cream

The other day Heath and I had just woke up and we were still laying in bed. He began to rub his eyes vigorously. Something I certainly would never do! I wouldn't want to encourage wrinkles and sagging skin! Since turning 30 I have started applying wrinkle cream at night before bed. As I lay there I began to more closely examine his face. Heath is one year and three months older than me. He has some wrinkles around his eyes and on his forehead. Nothing noticeable but definitely there. Just like me. He continued rubbing is eyes stretching and pulling the delicate skin around them despite my warnings about premature aging. I secretly envy the liberty Heath takes with his skin. He rubs it any ole time he wants to! And he NEVER puts anything on it! No moisturizers, no masks, no exfoliating scrubs and NO WRINKLE CREAM!! Then it hit me, like a lightening bolt straight from Heaven. What if wrinkle creams don't work? I thought of my parents. My Mother uses wrinkle creams and my Daddy does nothing. They look about the same. The same goes for Heaths' parents, and my Grandparents, and my Great Grandparents, and almost everyone else I know! As a matter of fact I can't think of anyone who looks 10 years younger due to creams and "proper skin care". Holy Moly. What if my body just gets old despite bathing my skin it in nourishing and protecting creams? What if the wrinkle cream companies are just out to make a dime? What if when I'm 70 I look 70? Huh. Interesting (and grotesque) thoughts to wake up too. Guess what I did? I considered rubbing my eyes too...and throwing away my wrinkle cream. But I didn't. I got up out of bed, took my shower, applied my moisturizer and went about my day. When I retired that night I smoothed wrinkle cream over my face and neck. I guess some people never learn.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Well, I haven't made a post in quite a while. Mostly because I've been so busy!! But also because I've been busy doing stuff that isn't interesting enough to write about. But I will catch you up anyway. This week I have: gotten a haircut, taken the kids on a nature walk (see above pic) where they found some "amazing treasures" (rocks, leaves, a clump of moss, a pipe cleaner, a string of Easter grass, some branches, a bolt etc.), went to eat out with Chris, Jill, Nick and Jessie, broke out in an awful rash, went to Krispy Kreme, got a monstrous splinter, met Amandas' beautiful new baby girl and weeded my flower bed. So not too much blog worthy stuff, but a whole lot of stuff none-the-less! But hopefully I will do something in the near future that will inpire me to write witty and interesting stuff! Wish me luck!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Snowy Days in Florida!!!

A few days ago it snowed. This is a VERY big deal to us. We had several flurries and some sleet. It was supposed to stick here in Milton but it didn't. It did however stick a mere 30 minutes north of us! So we drove up to Brewton to play in the snow! It was so much fun! We made snowmen and had snowball fights and rolled snowballs and made snow angels! I think that if I lived somewhere where it snowed a lot that I would NEVER get tired of the snow.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Well, Heath wants me to start and additional blog. One where I talk about wifelyness (my own word for being a wife) and motherhood. I don't want too. All of my thoughts on these subjects are unorthodox and contraversial. Also I have a hard time just keeping up with this blog and my facebook! Do I really need another reason to sit in front of the computer? Another good reason for me not to do this is because all my thoughts can be found and explained in well written books. No one would have to suffer through my rabbit trailed ramblings. Also I only have two followers!! Heath and Melynda! I happen to know that these two people don't need to hear me preach about being a wife and mother! Sooooooo I am not starting a new blog. By the way, one of the things I happen to belive is that you are supposed to submit to your husband and do the things he asks of you, like starting a blog. Haha!! If I think of something I think the world (or Heath and Melynda) MUST know I will simply post it on this blog.

Valentines Day 2010

Well this has been a wonderful Valentines Day. The night before Heath took me out to La Hacienda and then to Target and let me buy lots of presents! (like fingernail polishes, soaps, eye cream, shampoos...what a luxury right? a new hair dryer and stuff like that. I REALLY love that kind of girly stuff.) And then at 1:30 in the morning we loaded up the kids (yes they were still awake) drove to Pensacola and bought two dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts. They were gone in less than twelve hours. On Valentiines day we slept late, cleaned the house and then went to eat hibachi with Chuck and Jill. We gave the kids their Valentine treats (a sticky hand, ball, bath fizzy, and sun catchers to paint each) and Nema brought them over Valentines Day balloons. My children gave me a pink snuggie and a candle that I love. Jake and Alex played with (and babysat) them while we were out. We came home and then Heath and I went for an hour long walk in the freezing cold. I told Heath that this was the best Valentines Day EVER!!! And it was.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yesterday we had a great day. We went to Chuck E. Cheese Pizza and took our dog Quincy to the groomers. He hadn't been in forever. I forgot how cute he could be! When they led him out the children ooooood and aaaaaaaaad appropriately. I have to admit I was pretty stunned myself. Here are some before and after pics....well, a couple of more after ones than before. :D

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Luke had two things he REALLY wanted for Christmas. A red ball as big as a soccer ball or bigger, and some Groucho Marks glasses. I looked everywhere and couldn't find either one. But then Saturday we took a trip to the Dollar tree and just look what I found! Yay! The kids are wearing them all the time. Last night while Levi was dancing and wearing these and a ninja outfit Heath said, "It just never gets old does it?" He was reffering to our kids wearing these ridiculous glasses all the time. He's right. We laugh EVERY TIME!!! Also a friend of mine told me that they usually have plain red balls at Target. So the moral of this blog is....good things come to those who wait!

Friday, February 5, 2010

I made these awesome pink and purple cupcakes tonight! Londyn and I LOVE pink and purple cupcakes! They were strawberry with chocolate chips and cream cheese icing. YUMMY!!! It wasn't until after I colored the icing purple that I thought about how they were for 8 boys and two girls. Hmmmm....maybe I should have made them chocolate with blue icing....

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Full Bed

This is how our family sleeps. We have a 4 bedroom house with 5 beds in it. When we origionally bought the house we bought it with the intention of every kid having their own room. Luke got a bunk bed because they are just cool and also if anyone came over there would be an extra bed. But that's not how the kids like it. Sleeping in your own room by yourself is no fun. One night months and months ago Londyn dumped all of her toys out of her toybox and put her pillow, blanket, and teddy bear in it. She then came dragging her box through the living room. We asked what she was doing and she said, "I'm moving to Lukes' room". We thought it was cute so we let her do it. Luke liked it too. We all assumed it was just something she wanted to do for a few nights. A few nights later Levi showed up in there with his pillow and blanket. He felt left out of the nightly party. And that was a LOOOONG time ago. So they all sleep across the bottom bunk in Lukes' room...with the dog and the cat. (I don't even know when this started) You can see the cat is doing a great job of keeping Londyns' head warm. If Heath's grandma saw this pic she would swear that the cat is attempting to kill my little girl by "sucking the life out of her"! Poor Grandma, Heath and I never get tired of lauging at that. At least I never worry about my silly sleepers being cold!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 2

Today I woke up super early (6:50) to take Luke to the dentist. He needed to have his teeth cleaned. The dentist said one of his baby teeth was in the way of a tooth that needed to grow in, so if if Luke can't pull the tooth out in 2 weeks the dentist will. YIKES!!! Having perfectly good teeth snatched out of your head is no fun at all, so I keep telling him to wiggle his tooth all the time. It is barely even loose.

AND I got a nap. I can't even remember the last time I took a nap. I guess that's what happens when I get up super early to take Luke to the dentist. :)

We spent the rest of the day at home cooking, cleaning, playing. We ate supper and then snuggled up on the couch as a family and watched the best episode of the Duggars I have ever seen! The one with the new baby Josie. It made me cry. And now I am OVERFLOWING with thankfulness that all of my children (all of us for that matter) are healthy.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Eventful Day

Today Heath woke me up and told me he had bought something for me!!! What a fantastic way to wake up! I had REALLY needed a new can opener and he had bought me these!! In case you can't tell they are pink, and pink is my favorite color. He told me that my cooking was a blessing to our family and he wanted it to be a good experience for me!!! Awwwwwww!!!! It meant more to me than he knew. (I have a difficult time being my usual chipper self when I first wake up.) So that was awesome!

Then we went to the park and had fun, went to a different park because that is just the kind of party animals we are, went on a nature walk, went to the library and picked Heath up from work....and that was awesome too!

It was only when we got home that I realized that somewhere along the way I had lost our camera. No amount of backtracking did any good. That was NOT awesome. :(

But then we went to La Hacienda with Chris and he paid for our supper! Thanks Chris!!! Again awesome. And then Chris came over to visit. So all in all it was a great day...and if I hadn't lost my wonderful camera I would even use the word awesome. :)
Well, I tried blogging and felt very inadequate. I just couldn't think of anything to say!!!! (I see you now...shaking your head and raising your eyebrows in disbelief) But after poking around some blogs I've decided to try my hand at it again! I have seen that they don't have to be anything amazing, informative or hillarious, although I will do my best to make them that way! But they may also just be about the normal things that go on in my life on a daily basis. Like yesterday, I ate at La Hacienda.......TWICE!!!! Yep, I did. I'll try to keep the camera out because my favorite posts usually have a pic to go along with them. So here I go! I am going to try to make a post every day at least once a day until I get the hang of it!
Ther other day we were leaving the house and Londyn was walking in front of Heath but then she stopped at the door, turned to Heath (whow was behind her) and said, "Remember? Boys open the door for girls." Then she stood there and waited until he caught up and opened the door for her. Heath looked shocked and dismayed. I think it's a good sign! Heath tells the boys that a lot and obviously they are not the only ones listening.