Saturday, March 31, 2012

Living a Legacy Conference

My cousin Katie and I are going to a conference in May. I have never been to a conference before but I hear great things. I'm super excited. It's called Living a Legacy Conference and it looks like it's going to be pretty fantastic. It's not too far away from my mother's house so we are going to be staying with her. Yay for free lodging! Since I'm still down and out with the "shortest stomach bug ever" I have been looking at the website for it today to entertain my pathetically sick self.

I will survive...and go to a really great conference! :)

Friday, March 30, 2012

What a day.

I thought I was pregant yesterday. I felt really tired, and then I woke up with SERIOUS heartburn at 1:30. At 3:00am Heath went to CVS and got me some Tums. Then I woke up nauseas and I thought, "Oh yeah, baby number five is on it's way." Then I took a pregnancy test and was BAFFELED to see only one line. I could not imagine what was going on with me. So I went to La Hacienda for lunch with a friend and couln't eat my taco. I felt weird.

Then at 2:00pm I got SICK. The NASTY stomach virus kind of sick. I'll spare you all the gruesome details and just say it's been a rough day. I'm starting to feeling a lot better. It was the worst stomach virus I have ever had and it included some insane stomach aches, but it seems like it may also be the fastest. It's only 8:30 and I've even felt good enough to disinfect the bathroom. My stomach is making all kind of noises and movements even as I type this. I'm hoping it's all just empty threats. Hopefully life can resume as normal tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Monday, March 26, 2012


Skittles is our new dog. She is a P.A.I.N.
She chews up all my stuff. She mutilated my back door. She chewed up my cousin's out door wicker love seat that my cousin so generously let me borrow. I don't know what I'm going to do. Keep her. Sell her for enough to pay for the door, the couch, the shark steam mop....any takers?
The children like her. I like her when she shakes her ears and they make that adorable noise flopping against her head.

She is stinky.

She puts up with ANYTHING that my children (or the neighbors) do to her.

She has pooped in my house THREE TIMES.

She threw up in my house. She also threw up in my car. How long do dogs live again? How about on a diet based primarily on chocolate? Lord help me.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring has Sprung

The weather is warm and beautiful and that means that we are outside soaking up the sun in all it's glory...before it turns melt your face off hot! We had a great day today and here are some pictures to prove it. Luke was there. But the only pictues of him somehow included me with no make-up on so they didn't make the blog cut. Sorry.

Thank God for this beautiful life!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

LillyAnne's turns 1

Here are some birthday pics of our sweet LillyAnne Rose! She got a swingset and a swiming pool for her birthday. She made out like a bandit.

Monday, March 5, 2012

I have lost my mind...

We are getting a dog.

From the pound.

I pick her up tomorrow.

She's a black and tan chiuaua.

The kids are super excited.

She's really cute and as of yet nameless.

I suffer from memory loss apparantly.

I'm fairly certain a hawk is going to eat her.