Thursday, January 27, 2011

We are in MO

Well, we got here last night at about 1:30. I'm TIRED!!! We had a good trip and it took about 13 hours. Today I went to meet my new Dr. Tomorrow morning I have an appointment. I'm already tired of this diabetic diet and it's only been 2 and a half days. This is going to be the longest pregnancy ever.

We are going to a marriage conference for pastors and their wives tomorrow. I have never been to one before and I'm kind of excited. I also have to be away from my children for 43 hours and I've never done that before either. That part makes me (and Levi) nervous. They are going to stay with Heath's sister Heather. Luke is excited. Levi is NOT. And Londyn doesn't seem to care.

This morning we discovered that there was left over dirty snow still piled up from the snow they had last week. My children were thrilled. It was 50 degrees but they were out there making dirty snowmen and having dirty snowball fights. It's impressive for us Florida folk. I hope we see some freshly fallen snow soon. That would be fun. Before we do though I think we need to invest in some gloves.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Last trip to La Hacienda

We are leaving to move to MO tomorrow. At least that's the plan. Our plans are always changing. So Heath and I went to lunch with Katie and Reuben one last time. We told the owner of La Ha that this was our last meal here. When we went to pay they guy wouldn't let us. I was touched. It's not just because of the food that La Hacienda is our favorite. They are good people. It was really touching. :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

I have it

I have gestational diabetes. The midwife said it was "severe". Lovely. Tomorrow I go to a class to teach me about it and give me a little machine to measure my sugar levels which I have to do 3 times a day. I don't know how it will measure them but I sure hope it doesn't involve any blood! I don't get to eat any yummy food, but I will probably be induced early and get LOADS of ultrasounds. There is no great loss without some small gain after all.

Our dog got away last night while we were taking so much stuff out of the house. He hasn't come back. I'm sure some well meaning neighbor "rescued" him. I'm worried since we are leaving. I'm about to make a sign to post at the entrance to our neighborhood and tomorrow we are going to call the pound. At least we are delaying the move for a day so I can get my nifty machine and do my class.

Tonight my grandmother wanted to take all the children to get pictures made of them. After we left the store we couldn't find the car. I said, "I'll find it." and pressed the panic button. It didn't work. We (my big pregnant self, 84 yr old grandmother and 3 children) wandered aimlessly around the parking lot for like 4 minutes. Finally I came to the conclusion that the van had been stolen. Luke said, "Ooooooo, I hope it's been stolen. It would be a great adventure!" I was raving about how it had been stolen and waving my keys in the air like a maniac. Nema was saying, "No it hasn't. You have the keys in your hand." I was yelling, "It's been hot wired! This is the perfect ending to my perfect day!"

Overreact much?

I guess I wandered close enough that the panic button worked. I found the unstolen van.

Thank you Jesus.

Oh, and also I got to got to La Hacienda twice today. Once with Jill before my diabetic news and once with Nick and Jessie after when I ate a taco salad and water with no chips.

Thank you Jesus again. It's not every day you get La Ha twice.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

We're moving.....I think it's for real this time.

We are packing packing packing packing. We are moving to MO in a few days. (I know you have all heard it all before but I'm almost certain this time.) Londyn kept asking me if our chickens in MO have hatched yet. I had no idea what she was talking about. I kept giving her different answers to try to get her to quit asking me. She gave up and asked Heath tonight. He said, "That's just a saying Mommy says all the time. There are no real chickens." Then I got it. Every time the children would talk about the move I would tell them not to count their chickens before they were hatched. They are really excited. I have mixed emotions. When I'm here all I can think about is the awesome stuff in MO. Now that we are moving I can only think about all the stuff I love about living here. I need help.

I'm tired. My feet are starting to swell. I have sharpie all over my hands from writing on cardboard boxes. My back hurts. I get the results back from my glucose test tomorrow. I really hope I don't have diabetes! I have to go. I need to help Heath pack.

Friday, January 21, 2011

BIG decisions

Heath and I have been thinking about moving to MO for quite a while now. Like 2 years, and now we are again. We are thinking about moving Monday or Tuesday.




Our house has been for sale/rent for a while and we never get any intrest. And now someone wants to rent it as soon as possible. We would have to go to MO and remodel the temporary house we would be living in. Our basic plan (for today anyway) is to leave on Tuesdayish and stay with Heath's brother for a week while we bust our rears on painting and reflooring and stuff then Heath would fly back to FL alone and pack up all our stuff and drive the U-Haul back up to MO where we would then live.


It's a lot for me. I'm really into security and to tell the truth this plan could change at any moment. But I'm turning into a go with the flow type person's kind of cool....but I'm not all the way there yet. I swear I will be there by the time we settle down. Security will probably bore me. :)

So Heath is gone now to feed the pony and pick up moving boxes. And I'm sitting here dreaming about the chicken strip special he is going to bring me and listening to my stomach growl. We are going to Nema's to eat tonight because she cooked seafood gumbo. My family loves seafood gumbo and I hate it. So I get a special dinner. Ridiculous isn't it?

It's so weird how suddenly things (like our plans) change.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Glucose test

I went to the midwife today and got back the results of my glucose test. The big news is....I failed. Yippee.

That means that tonight I can't have anything to eat after midnight, then I have to be at Baptist Heath Center at 7:00am, with no breakfast, then they take my blood, then I drink nasty stuff (nastier than before), then they stick me and take more blood every hour for the next three hours.

Good times.

And that's not even the end of it. Tomorrow is Friday so I won't get the results in until Monday. Which means that I'm supposed to act like I have gestational diabetes until I know if I do or not. Just to be safe. And I get to wonder about it all weekend.

Sigh. I really hope I don't have it.

I'll let you know when I get the results!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

I decided to update my blog. As I was sitting here staring at my blog post I told Heath that I didn't know what to write about. He told me to write about how wonderful I am. I'm not sure anyone would want to read me raving about how wonderful I am so I'm not going to blog about that.

So I'll blog about today. Today we had sausage, biscuits and eggs for breakfast. Then we went to feed Thunderhooof and the goats. I love those baby goats. They are so cute I can't even believe it.

We went to Petland the other day and asked to play with a 10 week old dachshund puppy. It was possibly one of the cutest things I've ever seen. Heath was even impressed, and he isn't usually impressed by animals. He took a picture with the cell phone. It was amazing. I didn't even ask how much they wanted for it because I had already asked the price of a Cocker Spaniel puppy and they wanted $1,200. I'm serious. So I was no longer interested in buying a puppy from them. But I'm not blogging about the trip to Petland. I'm blogging about today.

Back to those goats. After feeding them we came back home and Heath and I went walking. My midwife REALLY wants me to walk. I'm gaining too much weight. This is the second time I have in a week and a half. I'm not sure that's what she had in mind but it's been cold here and I'm a sissy when it comes to cold weather. So today I went walking. I'm proud.

Tonight we are going to eat Raviolis and Mac & Cheese. I don't like Mac & Cheese or Raviolis. I think it's a pathetic supper. But everyone else in my family likes that stuff. Heath told me he would bring me a chicken strip special from Big T. I think he's pretty special.

And then we will have baths and I'm going to bake some brownies. Then that will be it for the day. Maybe some light cleaning and me feeling guilty because another day has went by without me seriously homeschooling. I may even make Luke do some work. But probably not. And I'm going to curl up with a book on the couch and eat brownies and milk. My midwife would LOVE that.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Levi's Invention

I love how my children are always making stuff. Last night I put Levi to bed. This morning when I woke up he had created this.

Friday, January 7, 2011

I was looking over my blog posts and I realized something. I'm usually complaining on here! Apparantly I don't ever feel inclined to blog about something until I'm upset, sad, discouraged...whatever. Well, that's going to change. :) Usually I'm a super happy upbeat person so I don't know what that is about! Anyway I'm in one of my usual chipper moods so I decided to post something RIGHT NOW! So far 2011 has been great. We have had a lot of fun and have more planned. I'm 29 weeks pregnant and getting more excited by the day. We still haven't decided what we are going to name her yet but I'm usually a late namer. With Levi I knew it before he was concived but with Luke and Londyn I was still unsure in the hospital so this is typical for me. Because I have nothing more to say now I'm just going to post a few pictures of my wonderful life. :)

The children love to feed the ducks at Carpenters Park.

It's January. How fuzzy is Thunderhoof going to get? Apparently this fuzzy. :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

job search

Well, Heath is still unemployed and it's January. We have looked into several churches, none of which we really seem to fit in with. To tell the truth I'm a little concerned. I don't think I make a very good pastors' wife. I'm not sure I make the grade. But I'm just not all that into it. I don't even know how to describe it. Most of the time so much more is expected of pastors wives and I don't mean having good character. I mean this fake (well, fake for me) front. Always being "on". I don't get it and I don't like to do it. It has been an issue at every church except Christian Life. They will always have a special place in my heart for that! It makes me nervous about moving forward, but seeing how we need a job and Heath is a preacher I suppose I better put on my big girl panties and do my best. (You see...good pastors' wives don't ever mention their panties....big girl or otherwise.) I have recently started reading a blog written for pastors wives hoping it would encourage me and give me the....ummm......passion for it that I obviously need. It doesn't. I think it's doing the opposite. I may stop reading it. Heath says I'm fine the way I am. He says I do a good job. But he likes me a lot and so I think that may have something to do with this. Anyway, we are continuing to look at job after job after job after job after job...........ugh.....and hopefully God will give us guidance and wisdom when we finally do.....something??