Monday, October 11, 2010

This one's for you Melynda....

Okay, so it's been a LONG time.

I click on new post frequently and decide I have nothing to say that anyone would care to read!

Heath is gone to MO again (Yuck) and I have been feeling REALLY sorry for myself. Pining and whining way too much. But as little as I write on my blog I LOVE to read other blogs. Well, I was reading one called Generation Cedar and she was requesting prayer for a fellow blogger. This fellow blogger's husband and oldest child were killed in a care accident just this August. She looked about my age and had 4 children. She and her husband had just decided to have more children. stupid did I feel.

Taking my blessings for granted. Nice Heather, real nice. Way to go.

I cried for her (then again I seem to be crying about everything these days...I swear...this pregnancy is odd like that) and I prayed for her. And she is on my mind a lot.

So everyday I'm working on thankfulness. I have so much. And so often I'm grumpy. Just like the Isrealites in the wilderness who had all their needs supplied and always grumbled. I alwasys think I would NEVER be like that. But then I am.

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  1. I read that post on Generation Ceder too and bawled my eyes out.
    Pregnancy is like that for sure.

    And, yes, I also felt silly for all my grumpy-ness after I read it too.

    Like you said, I'm never like those Isrealites. But then I am.

    Good to see you posting again!