Monday, November 7, 2011

For whatever reason people go to Heath a whole bunch for marriage advice. Maybe it's because he's a pastor. Maybe it's because we really like each other. Maybe it's because he's really smart. Whatever the reason, they do it.

What I don't get is why they never do what he suggests! He usually says the same thing. Read some books, here are some good ones. He has even given some of our books to them. Get rid of your satallite or cable. Quit doing so many activites outside the home. Start a family Bible time. Stuff like that. Nothing hard or dramatic, just a few simple things.

No one has ever done any of them. It's insane.

And the more insane part is that then they come back with the same complaints a couple of months later. When he asks how the first things they did worked he finds out they never did them. So why do they come back??


I guess they think his marriage advice is going to be eat a bunch of candy??

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  1. EXACTLY! I get the same thing about parenting. People ask me how we do it, tell us what their problems are, and ask for advice and when we give them a few things to work on they don't and then they wonder why it's not working.
    People are weird.