Friday, March 30, 2012

What a day.

I thought I was pregant yesterday. I felt really tired, and then I woke up with SERIOUS heartburn at 1:30. At 3:00am Heath went to CVS and got me some Tums. Then I woke up nauseas and I thought, "Oh yeah, baby number five is on it's way." Then I took a pregnancy test and was BAFFELED to see only one line. I could not imagine what was going on with me. So I went to La Hacienda for lunch with a friend and couln't eat my taco. I felt weird.

Then at 2:00pm I got SICK. The NASTY stomach virus kind of sick. I'll spare you all the gruesome details and just say it's been a rough day. I'm starting to feeling a lot better. It was the worst stomach virus I have ever had and it included some insane stomach aches, but it seems like it may also be the fastest. It's only 8:30 and I've even felt good enough to disinfect the bathroom. My stomach is making all kind of noises and movements even as I type this. I'm hoping it's all just empty threats. Hopefully life can resume as normal tomorrow.

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