Thursday, August 16, 2012

Heath came home from work yesterday and we needed to leave to go to my Daddy's house.  Luke, Heath and myself and LillyAnne got ready and Levi and Londyn were still out playing.  He asked, "Where are Levi and Londyn?" I said, "I don't know. The bunnies escaped and they asked if they could go around the neighborhood and look for them and I said yes."   Heath got in the car to go get them. He told me that when he found them they had found 2 of the rabbits and were pushing them down the road in LillyAnne's pink stroller and going door to door RINGING PEOPLE'S DOORBELLS and asking if they had seen a rabbit! 

The other day I let them ride their bikes to the swamp and apparently Londyn fell off her bike and they rang someone's doorbell and asked the person for a band aid.   We have had to have a little talk about ringing people's doorbells.  Aren't these people lucky to have us in their neighborhood?
 We took a trip to the beach.

 We went to see Daddy's new horse.

 We went to Texas Road House afterwards and LillyAnne quite enjoyed the cinnamon butter.

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