Friday, August 10, 2012

A post about nothing that isn't even worth reading until you get to the end and then it could change your life.....forever.

I hear there is a drought in the rest of the country.  Not so here in Milton!  It has rained almost every day since before the fourth of July!  This is the wettest summer I have ever seen, also the mildest.  Last night when I was on my way home from the store (at 11:45pm) I felt a promise of fall.  It was 72 degrees!  In the middle of August!  Who has even heard of such things in Florida?

The three oldest children have been going to vacation Bible school for the past two weeks.  The loved it.  They went to two different churches.  The children are quite disappointed that it's all.  I'm a tad relieved.  It's more than I am used to to get the children clean, in presentable clothes and on time to a place every day for two weeks!  (Sad but true.)  Then today we could have stayed home all day, but I got them dressed and we went to the library.  Luke loves the library.  He loves books.  Levi and Londyn love the library too.  They love to pile up the bean bags and reading cushion things and run and leap on them.    :/    LillyAnne loves to race up and down all the book isles and giggle.  That is fine with me though because her racing is only as fast as me walking.  Such tiny sweet legs.  I just keep waiting to get the stink-eye from the librarian.  And oh I get it at the Milton library,  those ladies think we are the devil.  However, at the Pace library I have yet to ever "get in trouble".  They just act like my children are sweet.  I prefer the Pace library.

I'm super excited that it's Friday.  Heath will be leaving work in about 30 minutes and we have big plans for the night, yard work and a beach trip.  Life is good and I am so very thankful. 

P.S.  If you want an AMAZING snack just mix equal parts (I just eyeball it and guess.) of cream cheese and marshmallow fluff and dip it with strawberries or pineapple.  It's delicious and we have been eating it every day for a while.   Try's as close as perfect as you can get this side of Heaven.......okay, that is totally not true....BUT it's really yummy.

 Oh yes, and also we had a huge water balloon fight.  It was great fun, but it left me with very sore fingers. 

 Every night at the second week of vbs they painted the children's faces.
 Doesn't Luke look creepy?
 See?  We went to the library!


  1. Would you believe me if I told you our hottest day was 72 degrees, and that was above the normal high? And would you believe me that it was scorching?
    I think we have acclimated because 68 is hot for us. I sure miss Milton.

  2. If you take that dip you made and chop up some snickers bars and some apples, strawberries, pineapple, and whatever else kind of fruit you like and mix it all together with the dip, you'll have the most pleasurable snicker salad. You can also use cool whip instead of the fluff for a less stiff salad and it tastes just as good, maybe better. Seriously, it sounds like it may not be great, but it is amazing. Great, now I'm going to have to make some. DARN YOU, HEATHER!