Saturday, April 16, 2011

I have time AND's a miracle!

It's Saturday afternoon. Our backyard in this duplex backs right up to a football field. Usually I hate this. I don't like how people are ALWAYS out there in their underwear, or how loud it is, or how we never have any privacy. But today it's kind of cool. Today they are having a "spring game". I never knew that existed but Heath told me they did. He said all colleges have them. Anyway they blew up this giant slide and put it right by the fence to our backyard. So guess what my children are doing?

Yep, they are all sliding. The oldest 3 are anyway. LillyAnne is taking a nap in her swing. She really loves her swing. Anyway Luke, Levi and Londyn are the only ones on the slide. Well, I did see one other little boy about 3 there, but he is gone now. So my children are all alone sliding on the giant blow up slide.

So I decided to update my blog while the children were busy and the house was semi-clean. But it's not really turning out to be an update, more like me rambling. I would delete it except that I haven't been blogging very faithfully so I feel like I need to post SOMETHING!

LillyAnne is 4 weeks old as of last night. FOUR WEEKS OLD!!!! Where did that four weeks go? I plan on blogging about her birth but I haven't had time and Internet at the same time and I don't feel like doing it now. But I will soon. It's my next important blog update. All my children are coming in now and I have a hard time blogging when they are talking to me.

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