Thursday, June 30, 2011

I can not tell a lie.....

So, I can not tell a lie....literally. Our family was discussing Abraham Lincoln recently. We decided to give ourselves a family challenge. Our challenge was to be more like "honest Abe". To NEVER EVER EVER tell another lie again.

That's steep stuff.

And if we do tell a lie we have to come straight to the family and confess.

(this challenge excludes mean statements like being honest when someone asks if we like their new shirt, haircut etc.)

We want to be known for our honesty. When a Newcomb says something we want to KNOW that it is the truth. Never having a doubt. Not letting little lies creep in and seem okay. Because after all Satan is the father of lies and we don't want to be like him. And God does hate a lying tongue....and we really don't want God to hate our tongues.

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