Monday, June 27, 2011

When I take a shower I always leave the door unlocked in case of an emergency. Almost every day Londyn has a shower interrupting emergency. The boys never do. They have a better idea of what constitutes an emergency.

Well, today was no exception. This morning when I woke up there was a package from Nema with 4 cute outfits for LillyAnne! Plus three Ty Beanie Babies, one for each of the three older ones. So I gave them their presents and got in the shower. The children always try talking through the door first. This is their attempt at giving me privacy. But I can't understand what they say with their little muffled voices.

So first came the knock.

Me (already slightly irritated that it's the 609th day in a row of shower interruption): What????


Me: Open the door I can't hear you.

Door handle jiggling.

Londyn (screaming): I CAN'T IT'S LOCKED!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: No it's not. Open it.

Door opens.

Londyn: Mommy, can you read his (her rat beanie baby) birthday?

Me: No, I'm in the shower. I can't read his tag while I'm in the shower.

Here's where the day gets different.....

The shower curtain fling open and she thrusts her stuffed animal at me holding it by it's tag so I can see it clearly!!!!!!!

I closed the shower curtain again and changed my wording.

Me: I'm in the shower!!!!! I don't read tags while I'm in the shower!!!

Londyn walks out and closes the door behind her.

I'm wondering what will happen tomorrow.

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