Monday, June 27, 2011

Newcomb Family Circus

The children put on a circus tonight for Heath and myself. It was cute. Luke was a clown. He kept falling down, riding stick horses backwards and reading books upside down and saying they were written in another language.

Levi was the hula-hoop guy. He could throw it in the air and catch it and roll it and make it come back to him.

Londyn did a whole lot of standing around.

I felt kind of sorry for her.

Then the boys said, "Now for Londyn!"

Then she got two chairs and a broom. She was putting the broom across from chair to chair. It took SEVERAL tries to get it there while the boys made circus music with their mouths. I thought she was going to jump over it. But then she picked up her princess umbrella and stood in a chair. Then I got it. She was going to try to walk across the broom handle.


The poor baby didn't know she couldn't do it! She didn't know it was way to far. She didn't know the broom was way to wobbly and the chairs too unsteady.

But then she did it....THREE TIMES!!!!!!!!!

Heath and I kept looking at each other in amazement and cheering for her. WOW!!

Londyn was awesome in the circus tonight. I wish I would have video taped it.

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