Sunday, July 29, 2012


I turned 33 and we went to Chuck E. Cheese...because you know I just LOVE Chuck E. Cheese. 

And I bought a slip and slide for my birthday...because you know I just LOVE slip and slides.

But you won't see any pics of me on it, becuse I didn't get on it, because I turned 33 remember?  And even if I did get on it you still wouldn't see any pics of me, for reasons that will remain unsaid.

And the picture of the 5 people on top is just there because they are my favorite 5 people in the world, and this is my blog, so they just pop up a lot, because I'm the one who makes this blog.


  1. Happy Birthday!! You are so funny and I wish we could go to LaHa and laugh together. Mr. Pilot says your kids are getting big and hello!! Did you end up watching the Food conference?

  2. Thanks! I wish we could go to LaHa too! Tell your family that we all say hello. I didn't end up wathcing the Food conference becuse I didn't want to shell out the money. I just need to get the self discipline to actually do the things I already KNOW to do! I would have watched primarily in hopes that it would motivate me. Everything that I saw about it looked completely awesome. I REALLY wish I could have gone. Maybe next year??