Monday, June 18, 2012

This is your brain on pressure washing fumes...

The other day we had a friend who loaned us a pressure washer.  I had no idea how much I would love pressure washing. 
It's WAY fun. 
I also had no idea how nasty my house was. 
It's WAY nasty.
Not for long though.  ;)

I was putting some house soap in the pressure washer and Luke asked me what it was.  I told him soap.  He said, "Why are you using soap?"  I said, "Ava's Grandma said she uses soap on her house."  Luke said, "THEN DON'T USE SOAP!!!" 

He said that because Ava's Grandma is crazy.  Really crazy.  Like, my children aren't allowed to walk by her house kind of crazy.  She's constantly screaming her head off and cursing and telling Ava she hopes a car hits her when Ava is in the street and won't come in when she tells her too.  Crazy. 

Luke didn't want to do ANYTHING like Ava's grandma.  Who wants to be like the crazy lady?

I said, "Luke, I won't listen to Ava's grandma about a lot of things, like how to raise children or how to dress." (She is frequently seen scrubbing her fence in her sports bra and spandex shorts.)  "But when it comes to keeping a clean house, I will listen to her.  Look over there." (Even her garage is completely spotless and in order.)  She knows about keeping her house clean.

Then it occurred to me that probably EVERYONE has something they could teach me. 
Will I listen or watch them and learn?  Or will my pride keep me from learning what they have to teach?  Will I be so arrogant as to assume that they have nothing to offer?  If you had asked me before I would have said that sure, I can learn from anyone.  But I had never REALLY thought about it.  While I was pressure washing my house (with soap)  I had time to really think about it.  And I decided that I will try.  Not only does it benefit me because I get to learn and grow, but it's also good because it encourages me to esteem others more.  It's more difficult to have an arrogant attitude if I'm considering what they have to offer. 

Anyway, those are my random pressure washing thoughts.  If it all sounds ridiculous then it's probably just because the really loud pressure washer was jarring my brain and the soap was frying my eyes.

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