Saturday, June 30, 2012

I sent my children to the chicken sale and they came home with five rabbits.

Today Londyn and Levi went with my Daddy to the chicken sale.  A friend of my Dad's had given him a rabbit cage and Daddy had asked if the children could have a rabbit.  I said yes, because, really, who can say no to a free rabbit and a free cage, right?  Turns out Heath could have.  And my blog post would have ended there.  But I said yes, and here we are. 

Yes, here we are with FIVE rabbits. 

Daddy claimed that you had to buy all five to get one.  It WAS at an auction so I suppose maybe they auctioned them off as a group.  BUT...I also know my Daddy.  And he probably didn't try very hard at all to get a single bunny.

So I get the phone call that they are on their way home with six bunnies.  Apparantly my Daddy can't escape with a single bunny or count, because there were only five. 

The children think it's awesome.  Because it is.  I think they are cute but of course will be a mess and I'm assuming that the five bunny thing is quickly going to turn into a one bunny thing.  Heath hasn't said a whole lot so I don't know what he thinks.  It doesn't mean he doesn't like the rabbits.  It just means he has been working a WHOLE LOT lately and we got a new cell phone and he has people to text. 

Okay okay, I'll stop my yammering and post a pic.  Sorry I couldn't figure out how to turn the pic.  I had to use our old camera and our new camera turns them automatially when it uploads them.  This one does not but I'm pretty sure you can still get the general idea.  If's 5 rabbits in a cage.

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