Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I really think it's time for another blog update but I can't think of anything to say so I'll just talk about the weather

It looks like a rainy day here.  There have been dark clouds all morning.  It sounds like a rainy day here.  The wind is blowing hard, the lightening is flashing, the thunder is rolling.  But it's just a sprinkling kind of day.  It keeps sprinkling and then stopping.   

We let the rabbits out of their cage because "they only had a few minutes before the bottom drops out".  We put them away when the sprinkling started. 

I brought the trash can in.

I lit a candle because I light candles on rainy days. 

I sent the children outside to jump on the trampoline "while they still can".

We are cleaning the house because I love a clean house when it's rainy.  (Well, technically I'm not cleaning house.  I'm writing a blog and have employed my precious children to clean my house for me.  heh heh) 

When the bottom finally does "fall out" it is going to be long anticipated and well prepared for because we have been preparing for the rain for about two hours.  Now I'm starting to doubt that it will rain at all.  Then the jokes on me huh?  I was all responsible for NOTHING. 

Hey!  Guess what?!?  RIGHT NOW it's beginning to rain.  I suppose I'm smarter than I was giving myself credit for. 

Now...what to do on a rainy day while we are all trapped in the house with Levi who as of late loves nothing more than whistling..... 


  1. My Boy whistles all the time. I once asked him if he'd mind putting a piece of tape on his mouth. He handed me te hearing protection. Lol.

  2. Luke whistled until I thought I would go crazy. He whistled what seemed like all the time for MONTHS. He gradually became more normal about it. That was about a year ago and I think Levi is entering into it now. At least I'm already used to it right?? :)