Sunday, July 29, 2012

Newcomb Update

We have had a great weekend.  Heath has started taking off every Saturday and Sunday and I love it.  It is so great to have him home more. 

This weekend I got my hair cut for the first time since before Thanksgiving!  Isn't that crazy?  The lady cut off a little more than I wanted her too, but she probably needed to since it had been so long. 

I also went to the horse sale.  My Daddy bought a buckskin mare that is so wild you can't even touch her.  Today he told me that he gave her a bath and started teaching her to lead.  He said "she has a head fulla sense" so that's always nice.  She is very pretty and has some impressive bloodlines.  That's the reason he bought her. 

I hadn't been to a horse sale since we moved back to Milton.  I was really excited about going.  When I came home from getting my hair cut Heath met me at the door and said, "We have a problem."  I said, "What is it?"  He said our neighbor came by and invited us to an "Olympics party" at their house that night, and all our children wanted to go.  Bummer.  I told him I didn't want to go to an "Olympics party".  He said he already knew.  So instead he would take me to La Hacienda for supper and then I could go to the horse sale with my Daddy and Nema and Aunt Martha and he would take all the children to the "Olympics party". 


So that's what we did.  Usually we all go up there together and then all the rest of my family gets tired of it and they wind up leaving me there to hitch a ride home with my Daddy.  It's pretty ridiculous if you ask me.  Why do I even like to go??  It is a place where the most redneck people on the planet get together to auction off junk and livestock. 

I.  LOVE.  IT. 

Well, Daddy did buy me a new lead rope for Star, a new cowboy wall hanging thing for Levi's room and a new rug for my house. What's not to love?  And horse sale food is the absolute best. 

Then today we went to the creek.  It was nice.  We ate fast food on the way to the creek, so you can imagine my dismay when we were getting in the van to leave, and before we could even buckle up they were all talking about how they were STARVING.  That happens every single time we go swimming.  We came home and ate pancakes and bacon and grapes for supper. 

Aren't you so happy that you have read all the way down to here and I'm letting you know what we had for supper tonight?  Lucky you.   One of these days I'm going to learn how to be a blogger the likes of which you have never seen before......but until then, just take a look at these adorable pics!  


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