Friday, June 11, 2010

Home is Where the Heart Is

This is my second valuable lesson. It's day 14 since Heath has been gone and I think I've learned 2 valuable lessons. These lessons are great and wonderful but I'm totally fine with no more lessons and my husband just coming home! =)

Lesson #2: No matter where we live it will be wonderful as long as we're together. Of course you could have asked me that a year ago and I would have said the same thing. Everyone knows that right? But it has changed. I mean it more....a LOT more. When Heath left for this MO trip I was more of a big baby. I mean really the whole trip is so he can go find out what he thinks is best for our whole family, not because he just has a whim to move us all to MO. But I just kept thinking things like, "I like FL better than MO....I don't WANT to move to MO....wah wah wah wah wah..." But then I discovered that FL just stinks without Heath in it. I would gladly move to Alaska so we could all be together! Heath is making a very sacrificial trip so that he can make a wise and informed decision as to where our family needs to be. He will take all the facts into his decision making and I will trust his judgement and not be whiny...because wherever we make our home, it REALLY AND TRULY will be wonderful as long as we are healthy and together....and as long as we have the proper outlook and grateful hearts. :)

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