Sunday, June 13, 2010

Nature Walk

I took the kids on a nature walk today. It's been SOOOOOOOO hot lately. I thought it would be nice since it was 6:30pm, so we put the dog on the leash and headed out. Well, we nearly died of a heat stroke! It was fun though. We found some blackberries and ate our fill. We also got to see some tadpoles, a beaver hut and a bunny! The bunny let us get so close I couldn't believe it. Like 3 feet away. Well, not me. I stayed back since I had the dog. But the kids told me all about it. We finally stumbled back into the house. The kids went straight to my room and took my fan to the kitchen where they turned it on and laid on the floor in front of it on the cool tile floor! Ha ha! I guess the nature walks need to be about 7:30?

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