Saturday, June 5, 2010

My house has been so spotless since Heath left. I pass all this extra time by cleaning and being productive! So that's good. I even do some kind of deep cleaning stuff EVERY DAY. Like cleaning my refrigerator, organizing my pantry, scrubbing windows, organizing my kitchen cabinets...that kind of thing. Actually this is day 9 and I'm running out of projects. (OK...since typing that sentence I have just thought of 4 more projects so I guess I'm not!) Well, last night the boys were playing war, because I suppose that's the kind of games little boys enjoy. And they made a HUGE mess...all over the house!!!!

I was irritated.

But I didn't show it. I just smiled and said, "You know you boys have to clean up all this mess." They said, "Okay, but can we finish playing first?" I said, "Sure, but you are going pick up every single thing you took out." Well, they kept playing and the mess kept growing. And then I finally said, "Okay, time to clean up." And to my amazement they cleaned up EVERY SINGLE THING. The house looked just like it did before they wrecked it. It was just like the Cat in the Hat except there was no cat and no amazing cleaning machine. I was so proud of them.

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