Monday, February 14, 2011

Discovery Center

We went to Discovery Center on Saturday. It's a super fun place. It's like a science museum. It has all kinds of cool stuff in it. Like a human brain, and pictures that freeze your shadows, and giant eyeballs that you get in and they talk all about the eye to you, and a big room that's like you are in outer space, and you can make a tiny tornado, and generate a bolt of lightening and tons of other stuff. It's one of my favorite things to do in Springfield. Brad Pitt bought it or built it or something because he's from Springfield. I always thought he was a complete loser but obviously he's not. He did that and it's great. I never take enough pictures when we go because Heath and I are running from one exhibit to the other like crazed children too. It's that cool. And it's so educational I feel like my brain will explode. Anyway we went and it was fun, and here are all the pictures I took except like two.


  1. I was like, "why on earth did she take a picture of her kid throwing up?"

    Then I read the post.

    You look great, by the way. Pregnancy looks good on you.

  2. That is hilarious! I could have gotten a shot of a child throwing up this morning for you. I call that the worlds grossest water fountain. I would have added captions but when I upload the pics I can't tell where one ends and one begins. I still have so much to learn about this blog stuff!