Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Visit to the gestational diabets specialist

Today we went to Springfield to visit my specialist. Honestly it was horrible.


Apparently I was already in a terrible mood. I had no idea about that until Heath informed me after the Dr. visit. (Although I did think it was weird when I went ballistic when Heath put a frozen water bottle in front of the heater vent in the car to thaw it for a thirsty child.)

Anyway, when cantankerous Heather arrived at the office which was an hour away from here, with my three beloved children in tow, the woman at the front desk said, "You were informed that children under 12 are not allowed past the waiting room right?"

No I was not.

I was angry. I have never scowled and muttered at a person in a public place like I did at the poor receptionist who was just letting me know about a rule which I was sure she didn't come up with. I thought it was odd behavior for me but I didn't care. So Heath was a little shocked but he cheerfully agreed to just stay out with the children. Forty-five minutes later they called me back. Then they asked me 500 questions and took my vitals. Then I went to a separate waiting room in the back (where my family wasn't allowed) and sat there.

Next it was time for my ultrasound. I was happy because ultrasounds are ALWAYS fun. And it was....for a while. The baby is almost 5 lbs. It was a really long ultrasound. They kept talking about how usually when babies are this big you can't get a good look at them but she was being very cooperative and they could take all the pictures they needed! Great...but it took a long time. After a few minutes my back began to hurt from laying on it. The ultrasound tech let me put a pillow under it to help. Then it began to REALLY hurt, but I'm tough so I didn't say anything. Then I got nauseous. Luke had thrown up this morning so I thought, "Wow. I've contracted the stomach bug and my body is choosing to throw up NOW????" Then I got REALLY nauseas. I said, "Can we take a break? I need to throw up." The lady jumped back and said, "Yes!" I told her I didn't know what was happening to me but that I felt really sick. She told me that it was very common. Apparently when you get so far along the baby lays on some artery and cuts off blood and oxygen to your brain and it can make you very sick. She said lots of women just started throwing up on the table.


Wow. So we had to stop the ultrasound twice for me to get up and let blood and oxygen go back to my brain, and then I was able to lay on my side so the ultrasound was fun again. I was really sad Heath missed it though. The baby kept playing with and chewing on her feet. It was really cute. And when they were trying to get a picture of her nose she kept covering up her nose with her hands. They said her growth was right on target and she wasn't too big. Everything looked great. It was the good part of the visit.

Then I went back to the God forsaken waiting room.

Then I met with the head doctor and she pretty much just said that everything the other 3 women I had met me was okay.

Two and a half hours later I was done! My poor children and husband. And I was STARVING, in a hungry mother bear who has been hibernating all winter kind of way.

So we went to Cheddars (my favorite restaurant in MO) and I ate like a wild beast. I drank Coke, I ate nachos and cheese sticks and chicken tenders....and then I followed it up with Cookie Monster. It was not pretty.

When Heath thought I was all done eating he stacked the plates in the middle of the table. I saw that and wondered what on earth he was doing because there was a chicken strip on one of the plates. I asked him if he was sending that away. He said yes. I looked at him like he was crazy and snatched the chicken strip off the plate like a cave woman. Luke started laughing. I looked at Luke because I had no idea what he was laughing at. Heath informed me of my insanely bad mood of the day. I was sad. I don't want to be a monster. (so lay off the cookie monsters right??) I didn't even know I HAD been a monster. Heath pointed out various horrible things I had done since opening my eyes this morning.

Wow. There was a lot. I said, "I'm sorry. I didn't know I was being awful. What should I do?" Heath said, "Nothing, you get a free pass today." I said, "I feel like I'm doing all kinds of bad stuff for my family." (because I had also knocked a glass of water all over Londyn and Levi in my haste to shove unhealthy food in my mouth) Luke said, "No you don't! You do great things for our family all the time! You are even having a baby for us!"

I think I have the perfect family and I thank God for them. They are so forgiving of my faults and even encouraging to me when I'm a monster.

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  1. What? You mean you're pregnant and cranky?

    I'm never cranky when I'm pregnant.

    Just kidding ;-)