Sunday, February 13, 2011

We went to a new church this morning. It was a Presbyterian church. A friend of Heath's told us about it. I had never been to a Presbyterian church before. It was way different than I am accustomed to. For instance the music, it was all just piano and hymns. Not just hymns, hymns I didn't know. So we just stood there while everyone else sang. And they didn't have any classes for the children. Levi was thrilled about that. (of course) He never went to class anyway. He doesn't like them. Luke likes them though and so does Londyn. We sat on the back row because I didn't want to be the new people with the half crazed children. They were all very good though, except when Luke tried to lay down on the chairs and go to sleep. Really? I expected the 10 year old to do the best! I really liked the people though. It was the friendliest church I have ever been to. It runs about 250 people and all of them homeschool except for 2 families. That's nice for us, we weren't the minority in that area for once. And they eat lunch together EVERY SINGLE Sunday, which is just pure awesome. I want to go back. It's unfortunate that I only packed one dress and one pair of very painful boots to go with it....very unfortunate indeed.

Then we went to Cheddars again. It was delicious again, but my feet were really starting to hurt. I was telling Heath that I would have to be sure to buy some new ones before next Sunday.

Next we went to visit Heath's grandpa in the hospital. He has been very sick but is doing better now. By this time my feet were ACHING.....KILLING ME....THROBBING....EXCRUCIATING....

Then we went to Wall-Mart because we needed a ton of stuff. We took my throbbing feet along with us because I didn't have much of a choice. I didn't want to go. I asked Heath if we could just go to his brother's house and let me change shoes first. He said we could because he's awesome like that. But I didn't want to because we would pass Wal-Mart and drive 15 minutes and then drive 15 minutes back.
That's a grand total of 30 wasted minutes and some amount of gas.

So I said I would go along and suffer because I'm great like that. But then I got a good idea. I could put some slippers on at Wal-Mart and then purchase them when we left. Yes I would feel ridiculous but that was the price I was willing to pay to save my family the time and gas. Then I got a brilliant idea. BRILLIANT!!!! I could just ride in one of those little battery operated carts. I had always wanted to ride one anyway. I am 35 weeks pregnant after all. One can only guess what might be ailing one who is 35 weeks pregnant. They didn't have to know it was uncomfortable shoes. So that's what I did.

Can I just say it was awesome??? Heath just kept laughing and at first I did too. I'm sure it made me look even more sickly. But talk about shopping made easy!!! Heath just pushed a regular cart and Luke walked and the two little ones just took turns joy riding on the supper cool cart with me. I even let Levi drive for a while. That part was kind of scary. When I backed up it made a beeping noise like a dump truck. That part was almost embarrassing. But the children loved it, and everyone in Wal-Mart gave me the ride of way like I was royalty. It was fun. I almost had one wreck though. I came less than a centimeter away from hitting the end of an isle. Heath couldn't believe it. I do wish we could have gotten a picture for this blog post though. Sadly the camera was left on a dresser, and I never even thought of it.

Heath had to use one of the awesome electric carts when he had his injury. He didn't think it was fun. He scowled and pouted the whole time while I was bent over double with laughter. He looked like a skinny athletic guy. Not like a guy who had just had major surgery on his guts and could barely walk. But that's a story for another day, and it's was way better than my own story about uncomfortable shoes.

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  1. That'a awesome about your little riding adventure in Walmart.
    We now go to a Presbyterian church too and the more we go the more we realize how much we love it.
    And our old church in Pace ate together every Sunday. This church only eats together one Sunday a month. I miss the weekly meals but oh well.

    Today is my due date! Not long now! YAY!!!