Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Home

We are trying to renovate a duplex to move into here in MO. It's super small and super nasty, but Heath works on it everyday and it's slowly but surely getting better. We go look at his progress on most days. Today was one of those days. It was warm out so the children went outside to play in the backyard. It has a pretty big yard, the biggest one we've ever had. So they love that. Londyn got so carried away playing that she peed in her pants. That hasn't happened in a looooooong time. But it happened today. The other side of the duplex houses Heath's parents and grandma. So he took her over there to clean her up. He decided to wash her pants and panties and just put her on one of his Grandma's depends to play in until they were done. Luke, Levi and Londyn then proceeded to play super stretchy long diaper girl. The boys were in a tree that she couldn't get in. She would stretch the diaper out really far and then try to pull the boys out of the tree. Fun game. I REALLY wish I would have had my camera so this post could have a picture.

The property backs up to a college football field and track. Today I heard some yelling so I looked out the back door. Lots of college kids were running around the track. I'm not sure why. But some of the guys were shirtless and just had on these tiny little shorts and shoes. Levi was yelling, "Hey underwear guys!" I told him to stop it. That we don't yell that. Later the children started yelling because they found a dead headless squirrel. The next time I looked out the door Levi had the squirrel on a stick and was waving it all around. I told him to throw it on the other side of the fence. The college can have it. I think the college will be blessed to have us as neighbors.

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