Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Well, we just got back from a week in MO. It was the best trip we have ever taken up there. The kids were WONDERFUL in the car. No whining or complaining at all! (except by me) We had a blast. The kids loved seeing their cousins. We went to Incredible Pizza and we played Laser tag. WOW......I LOVE LASER TAG!!! We went to the zoo and a little boy beat up Levi. Poor Levi was just standing on a stand up see-saw and the little kid just walked up to him and hit him in the face twice and then in the stomach. By that time his mom was there and he started attacking her. I didn't see it because I was talking to Heath's mom. Heath saw the whole thing. He walked over and told the kid to quit and he did. The kid said, "I'm a spy." Heath was angry so he replied, "You're not a spy. You're a little jerk." The mom just explained to Heath that she couldn't control him. Hmmmm...... Levi was crying but Papa made it all better when he bought everyone snow cones. And we went to Cheddars (my all time favorite restaurant). We took a trip to Fantastic Caverns, a cave that you ride through. We went on a hike in the woods to the place where a spring comes out of the ground. It puts out 9,000 gallons of water per minute. Wow. Londyn fell in it. She didn't make a face or anything. She just got out of the icy cold water and said, "I think I need to pour the water out of my shoes. I got a little too close." She is such a water bug. Luke and I each got a tick. I felt mine before it bit me but Heath found Luke's and it was attached. YUCK!!!! BLECH!!!! EWWW!!!!! We went to a cookout on Easter with the family and had an Easter egg hunt for the whole afternoon. It was a FANTASTIC week!!! I'll post some pics soon! :)

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  1. ICK! Just thinking about a tick on me makes me cringe.

    Glad you guys had a good trip and made it home saftly!