Thursday, April 22, 2010

utter nonsense

My Grandmother accused me of being suicidal tonight. Seriously. I was to dumbfounded to even respond at first. You see I think I'm handling this all very well. I think I'm as perky as can possibly be considering the circumstances. I'm still basically cheerful and happy most of the time, a little down and out at others but definitely not SUICIDAL!!! Her reasoning is this: I'm not choosing a D and C so I'm choosing death. Really Nema??? She gave me a speech about how I had three children I still have to fight for. Oh my word. I informed her that I was not the least bit suicidal. She told me that a lot of people die when they "go the natural way". I told her that was true. But all the people who didn't die going the natural way died going the non-natural way because EVERYONE DIES! She said I shouldn't just lay down and die. Apparently she thinks that what the Dr. says about a D and C having more risks than not having one is a huge lie made up just to kill women. I won't even go into her other advice. It's too graphic for my blog. The things I put up with from this lady!

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