Thursday, April 29, 2010

Personal Blog

Wow...I had this idea for my blog that I wanted to write about. It's was how I am REALLY ready to be pregnant again right away but Heath isn't and that is confusing for me. He is always the one who is ready for a baby and I'm always the hesitant one! What is this??? Another idea was how I'm disappointed when I get emails in the mail from What to Expect When You're Expecting and how I growl at them (out loud) EVERY DAY! (because I don't know how to stop the heinous things from coming to me) Emails like, You are 12 weeks pregnant today!!! Isn't life glorious???? Really? I need them to quit already. And other such blog ideas. Then I realized, my oh my how my blog has changed. Most of the blogs I read aren't so very personal. They're helpful. And when I decided to do this blog I intended for it to be like those! More....ummmmm....well, just not so personal. But I'm a VERY open person. And I like it. I don't mind baring my soul to the world, so I do. Maybe it's a good thing that I only have four followers! I had wanted this blog to have helpful tidbits about being a good wife and mother. (What, like I'm some kind of expert? lHa Ha!) I had wanted it to be kind of funny and entertaining. You know, what you would expect out of a good magazine article. But it's not. It's all about me and my family. My feelings and hopes and dreams and disappointments and day to day activities poured out on the world wide web. Geez. Not what I had planned.

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