Wednesday, April 21, 2010

These are the times that try womens souls....

We went to the midwife yesterday for a routine check-up. And my baby didn't have a heartbeat. It was sad. Heath took it hard. He cried his eyes out at the Dr. office. I acted like a champ, smiling, asking relevant questions, suppressing all my emotions into a little smidgen. My smidgen exploded last night. I knew it would some time. We told the children yesterday when we came home from the Dr's office. We hadn't planned on telling them so soon, but they kept following us around wondering why we were acting so weird. Londyn is still too young to really care. But the boys aren't. They were sad and had plenty of questions. Like Why?
But they took it very well and I told them that we would have a baby when God wants us to. But today I am feeling much better. I know that God is in control and that He has a plan, that apparently included this. And I'm also comforted by my three healthy children. And I'm also hoping that there is some great thing that will come out of this.

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