Friday, January 21, 2011

BIG decisions

Heath and I have been thinking about moving to MO for quite a while now. Like 2 years, and now we are again. We are thinking about moving Monday or Tuesday.




Our house has been for sale/rent for a while and we never get any intrest. And now someone wants to rent it as soon as possible. We would have to go to MO and remodel the temporary house we would be living in. Our basic plan (for today anyway) is to leave on Tuesdayish and stay with Heath's brother for a week while we bust our rears on painting and reflooring and stuff then Heath would fly back to FL alone and pack up all our stuff and drive the U-Haul back up to MO where we would then live.


It's a lot for me. I'm really into security and to tell the truth this plan could change at any moment. But I'm turning into a go with the flow type person's kind of cool....but I'm not all the way there yet. I swear I will be there by the time we settle down. Security will probably bore me. :)

So Heath is gone now to feed the pony and pick up moving boxes. And I'm sitting here dreaming about the chicken strip special he is going to bring me and listening to my stomach growl. We are going to Nema's to eat tonight because she cooked seafood gumbo. My family loves seafood gumbo and I hate it. So I get a special dinner. Ridiculous isn't it?

It's so weird how suddenly things (like our plans) change.

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