Monday, January 24, 2011

I have it

I have gestational diabetes. The midwife said it was "severe". Lovely. Tomorrow I go to a class to teach me about it and give me a little machine to measure my sugar levels which I have to do 3 times a day. I don't know how it will measure them but I sure hope it doesn't involve any blood! I don't get to eat any yummy food, but I will probably be induced early and get LOADS of ultrasounds. There is no great loss without some small gain after all.

Our dog got away last night while we were taking so much stuff out of the house. He hasn't come back. I'm sure some well meaning neighbor "rescued" him. I'm worried since we are leaving. I'm about to make a sign to post at the entrance to our neighborhood and tomorrow we are going to call the pound. At least we are delaying the move for a day so I can get my nifty machine and do my class.

Tonight my grandmother wanted to take all the children to get pictures made of them. After we left the store we couldn't find the car. I said, "I'll find it." and pressed the panic button. It didn't work. We (my big pregnant self, 84 yr old grandmother and 3 children) wandered aimlessly around the parking lot for like 4 minutes. Finally I came to the conclusion that the van had been stolen. Luke said, "Ooooooo, I hope it's been stolen. It would be a great adventure!" I was raving about how it had been stolen and waving my keys in the air like a maniac. Nema was saying, "No it hasn't. You have the keys in your hand." I was yelling, "It's been hot wired! This is the perfect ending to my perfect day!"

Overreact much?

I guess I wandered close enough that the panic button worked. I found the unstolen van.

Thank you Jesus.

Oh, and also I got to got to La Hacienda twice today. Once with Jill before my diabetic news and once with Nick and Jessie after when I ate a taco salad and water with no chips.

Thank you Jesus again. It's not every day you get La Ha twice.

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