Sunday, January 23, 2011

We're moving.....I think it's for real this time.

We are packing packing packing packing. We are moving to MO in a few days. (I know you have all heard it all before but I'm almost certain this time.) Londyn kept asking me if our chickens in MO have hatched yet. I had no idea what she was talking about. I kept giving her different answers to try to get her to quit asking me. She gave up and asked Heath tonight. He said, "That's just a saying Mommy says all the time. There are no real chickens." Then I got it. Every time the children would talk about the move I would tell them not to count their chickens before they were hatched. They are really excited. I have mixed emotions. When I'm here all I can think about is the awesome stuff in MO. Now that we are moving I can only think about all the stuff I love about living here. I need help.

I'm tired. My feet are starting to swell. I have sharpie all over my hands from writing on cardboard boxes. My back hurts. I get the results back from my glucose test tomorrow. I really hope I don't have diabetes! I have to go. I need to help Heath pack.

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