Monday, May 14, 2012

Beach Trip

We took a trip to the beach last Monday. It was great. I thought LillyAnne might be afraid of the water, or that she wouldn't want to get in the sand. Boy was I wrong! LillyAnne loved EVERYTHING about the beach. She loved playing in the sand, eating the sand, splashing in the water, all of it. We just went for two hours in the afternoon. There are barnacles that grow on the pier and the children were "feeding" them. They were so disgusting. No one was really at the beach and I was paranoid because Heath, Luke, Levi and Londyn were so far out in the water and they were the only substantial shark meal that I could see. They didn't get eaten though, or even bitten, and everyone had a great time so it was a great trip. :)

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  1. Lucy LOVES the beach too. Everything about it. You guys should come to visit and we can just walk down to the beach and let them play together.