Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Daddy came by and picked up the children this morning. He took them to Waffle House and then to buy some chicks. I told him we would be chick foster parents. When they get their feathers they can go live at his house. The children love raising them. We get some every spring. I told Daddy to get three. He came home with eight. I said, "You were supposed to get three!" He said, "I got everyone two in case one died. They would still have one." I said, "That would be six!" He said, "Two for me too." So typical. They are precious. I would have pictures but it was rainy today so they would only be pictures of chicks in a crate. I'll see if I can't do better than that. But here's a picture for you...of the artwork on the garage that Levi drew with a sharpie. Those things need to be outlawed.
Also LillyAnne is a walker!!! Big things are going on at the Newcomb house. :)

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