Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Word of the Day is: Biddy

We are being foster parent to some baby chicks (which we call biddies).  I thought everyone called baby chickens biddies but apparantly I'm wrong.  People keep asking me, "What's a biddy?"  A biddy is a baby chicken.  I now try to remember to call them chicks.  Anyway, we do this every spring, this biddy getting thing.  We get them when they are tiny and when they grow big enough to be rough and tough, they will go live at my Daddy's house. The children love to play with the chicks and raise them and Daddy is always happy to get a few new chickens. It's a win-win situation. We have eight this year. In all years past we have had three. The difference is that every other year I go buy the chicks and this year Daddy did. The children just sit in the backyard and watch them for hours. Especially Levi. Last night I went out to get him because it was dark and he hadn't come in. He was sitting in the yard and had all eight biddies cuddled up sleeping in his lap.  He's such an animal lover.
Here are some chick pics. I hope you enjoy!

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