Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Fair

We went to the Santa Rosa County Fair last night. It has been YEARS since we went to a fair. Luke was like two or something. I never wanted to go because my motto was that fairs leave you with nothing but tired eyes and empty pocketbooks, and it proved true for us last night...BUT...we had a blast. It was very much a country fair and had a nice atmosphere. Levi caught the pig in the pig chase. I knew he would. He loves pigs. He loves catching things. And he has the tenacity of a bulldog. It's right up his alley. The livestock show was awesome and we spent more time in there than Heath wanted to. Unfortunately for him his family is comprised of a bunch of animal freaks.

We rode almost all the rides. My neck hurts. I slept on it wrong a couple of days ago and it was almost all better. But then those fair rides happened. I think it got strained trying to keep my head on my shoulders. Londyn was FEARLESS. It's ridiculous. I wouldn't have guessed that. The boys were fearless too, but they are boys and they're older. Londyn is just a little five year old princess.

Heath rode with them for the first few hours while I watched LillyAnne. Then he took her home to go to bed and I stayed with the other children until 10:30. We had to leave because we were WAY under dressed. It got cold!! Levi wore his cowboy hat, a long sleeved shirt, jeans and cowboy boots and even he needed a jacket. Londyn was in a sundress with a lightweight zip up jacket! I didn't think to check the temperature when we got in the van to leave but I'm sure it just said, "way too cold for April", because it was.

There was also this circus thing there. It was called the Rainforest Experience. That was a lot of fun because they had tigers, and monkeys, and snakes and anteaters and animals like that. We didn't watch the show but they had the animals out all night. It was cool because the tigers were just playing like kittens in their pen. I guess they like the freezing weather. I'm not so sure about that snake though.

We went with my cousin Katie and her daughter. When we got to my house she was getting in her car and I said, "Same time next year?" She said yes. I hope we do it.

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