Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sprinkler Systems

We live in a house that I love. When we moved in it had a sprinkler system. Then we rented it out. The renters did a lot of damage. Like, right now the whole house needs to be repainted and refloored. But what I think I miss most is my sprinkler system. They didn't do anything to it. Lightning struck something, like a pole across the street and it took out three houses sprinkler system boxes. So now, for the system to work we have to put in a whole new box. I don't know how much that will be because we haven't asked anyone. I'm guessing it will be more than about twenty bucks and I'm just not willing to do that right now. So most afternoons I'm standing out there with my hose and a spray nozzle spraying until my hand can't open without making squeaking noises. I have a little sprinkler that I can attach to the hose but I just don't trust it, so I usually spray it myself. I just came in from doing that. I really want pretty grass. I don't know why I want it but I do. I weed and feed it all the time. I'm probably going to kill it with all my ignorant zeal.

Also Heath took the oldest three fishing today. Londyn caught a medium sized perch. Luke caught a small perch. Levi caught nothing. They will go again though and I hope Levi gets one next time. Also Londyn broke her cane pole beyond repair so we may be investing in some rod and reels. I stayed home with LillyAnne who was taking a nap. I'm not crazy about worms and hooks and stuff like that. But everyone else in my family is.
Also I had to water the grass. ;)

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