Thursday, April 5, 2012

Luke's face.

The abcess did NOT go down. It got bigger. Way bigger. By midnight Monday night his face was huge and he had a black eye. On Tuesday morning we went straight to the dentist. The dentist was just as freaked out as I was. He said "this isn't supposed to happen". He called an oral surgeon and then pulled the tooth right away and then tried to drain the abcess again and doubled Luke's antibiotics. He said to keep in touch and that if the swelling wasn't a whole lot better Luke would have to go to the ER to get some IV antibiotics. At 6:00pm the swelling had gone down a little but the dentist said a little is not good enough and to call the pediatritian on call. The Dr. on call said to take him straight to the ER.


That's what the ER was. There were sick people moaning and groaning and what appeared to be dying everywhere. I told Luke that he was going to come in with an abcessed tooth and leave with the bubonic plague. The nurses were borderline rude. They said the wait would be at least 3 hours. They told me (without listening to me telling them that both the dentist and the Dr. had told me to come to the ER) that this was the EMERGENCY ROOM not a place you come for minor things "like the toothache".


They sent me to Emergicare. The Emergicare was nice. There were no people in agony and the line was very short. Luke said being in the ER waiting room was making him sick so we signed ourselves in. When we were being registered I told the lady that I thought we were in the wrong place. She assured me that this was the place for "minor issues". We were taken back almost immediately. When the nurse came with her clip board to find out what was going on she said, "You are in the wrong place, this is serious stuff."

HA!!!!! I KNEW IT!!!

But since we were all signed in and in a room we could stay! Hooray for rude nurses!!!! The Dr. came and he had to have a CAT scan and they started IV antibiotics. They now think that the "abcess" was probably a cyst. At 3:00am we got to his hospital room. He had to stay until this morning so right about 36 hours. He was never in very much pain and still got all the excitement of going to the hospital. Sacred Heart Hospital is definitely the place I would take my child again. The staff was EXCELLENT (excluding the ER nurses who appeared to be completely overrun with sick people). They have play rooms with all kinds of awesome toys for the patients and their siblings or visitors. There is a reading room full of books. They have a game room full of high tech video games that only Heath could work, plus board games of all kinds and puzzles and such. Luke had a fantastic time at the hospital! However Heath and I were COMPLETELY EXAUSTED. The running back and forth between the hospital and home trading off with each other combined with caring for the other three was a lot. It was one of the most exausting things I've ever done. It definitely gave me a new appreciation for people who have to do this sort of thing on a regualar basis. I am so blessed to have such a healthy family.

The swelling is almost completely gone tonight and he only has the smallest amount of bruising. When he was released from the hospital today and came home he immediately started riding his bike, jumping on the trampoline and hunting for turtles...he is doing very well. :)


  1. I'm glad he wasn't in too much pain because that just sounds like it would hurt!

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