Sunday, April 15, 2012


We went fishing yesterday. Well, Heath, Luke, Levi and Londyn went fishing. I'm not really a fisherwoman. I held a baby while grooming a horse. NOT an easy task. Next time they go fishing I think LillyAnne and I will just hang out at home. While they were fishing they had about a 7 ft. long aligator come to stare at them. He quickly swam over and parked himself about 20ft away and just stared. So I took some pictures of him. At one point we heard a splash and Londyn had grabbed a fish out of the bucket and threw it to him. (That's funny stuff right there.) The children caught 6 bluegills and had a blast.

The pic of LillyAnne is just because I thought it was cute.

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  1. I would have flipped out and run away from that alligator. I have some sort of phobia or something.