Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Luke had two things he REALLY wanted for Christmas. A red ball as big as a soccer ball or bigger, and some Groucho Marks glasses. I looked everywhere and couldn't find either one. But then Saturday we took a trip to the Dollar tree and just look what I found! Yay! The kids are wearing them all the time. Last night while Levi was dancing and wearing these and a ninja outfit Heath said, "It just never gets old does it?" He was reffering to our kids wearing these ridiculous glasses all the time. He's right. We laugh EVERY TIME!!! Also a friend of mine told me that they usually have plain red balls at Target. So the moral of this blog is....good things come to those who wait!


  1. We were at the Dollar Tree tonight - But we only bought batteries. I know, boring.

    Your kids are funny. London's mustach is more like a goatee.