Sunday, February 14, 2010

Well, Heath wants me to start and additional blog. One where I talk about wifelyness (my own word for being a wife) and motherhood. I don't want too. All of my thoughts on these subjects are unorthodox and contraversial. Also I have a hard time just keeping up with this blog and my facebook! Do I really need another reason to sit in front of the computer? Another good reason for me not to do this is because all my thoughts can be found and explained in well written books. No one would have to suffer through my rabbit trailed ramblings. Also I only have two followers!! Heath and Melynda! I happen to know that these two people don't need to hear me preach about being a wife and mother! Sooooooo I am not starting a new blog. By the way, one of the things I happen to belive is that you are supposed to submit to your husband and do the things he asks of you, like starting a blog. Haha!! If I think of something I think the world (or Heath and Melynda) MUST know I will simply post it on this blog.

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