Monday, February 22, 2010

Wrinkle Cream

The other day Heath and I had just woke up and we were still laying in bed. He began to rub his eyes vigorously. Something I certainly would never do! I wouldn't want to encourage wrinkles and sagging skin! Since turning 30 I have started applying wrinkle cream at night before bed. As I lay there I began to more closely examine his face. Heath is one year and three months older than me. He has some wrinkles around his eyes and on his forehead. Nothing noticeable but definitely there. Just like me. He continued rubbing is eyes stretching and pulling the delicate skin around them despite my warnings about premature aging. I secretly envy the liberty Heath takes with his skin. He rubs it any ole time he wants to! And he NEVER puts anything on it! No moisturizers, no masks, no exfoliating scrubs and NO WRINKLE CREAM!! Then it hit me, like a lightening bolt straight from Heaven. What if wrinkle creams don't work? I thought of my parents. My Mother uses wrinkle creams and my Daddy does nothing. They look about the same. The same goes for Heaths' parents, and my Grandparents, and my Great Grandparents, and almost everyone else I know! As a matter of fact I can't think of anyone who looks 10 years younger due to creams and "proper skin care". Holy Moly. What if my body just gets old despite bathing my skin it in nourishing and protecting creams? What if the wrinkle cream companies are just out to make a dime? What if when I'm 70 I look 70? Huh. Interesting (and grotesque) thoughts to wake up too. Guess what I did? I considered rubbing my eyes too...and throwing away my wrinkle cream. But I didn't. I got up out of bed, took my shower, applied my moisturizer and went about my day. When I retired that night I smoothed wrinkle cream over my face and neck. I guess some people never learn.

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